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Dr. Alexander Karasev, the original SKENAR, COSMODIC, and ENS inventor, and his team pioneered and over almost three decades supported the cutting-edge research in the area of adaptive electrical stimulation as the most effective, universal, natural, and drug-free method of pain management.

In 1990, Dr. Karasev continued independently his work that started within the Soviet Space Program a decade prior and resulted in the development of SKENAR – a hand-held portable device designated for cosmonauts to keep them healthy while in space. Later the SKENAR was dubbed a “Star Trek healing device” by the Western press, and in the last 30+ years, there were many situations where it turned out to be not such an overstatement after all.

SKENAR became possible because Dr. Alexander’s “outside the box” thinking merged medicine and physics (Alexander Karasev is both an MD and an electronic engineer), Eastern and Western health paradigms (conventional and holistic medicine), and even science and religion. SKENAR was designed as a simplified, but still, a feedback-based analog of a living system – self-controlling and self-regulating electronic “mirror” constantly adapting to the body and its needs and gently guiding and supporting it in its healing efforts.

Dr. Karasev and his team spearheaded the SKENAR evolution into the 21st century, and in the wake of it the COSMODIC technology was born as “the second generation SKENAR”. COSMODIC came as a natural progression of SKENAR on the next quality level: subtler, more profound, more regenerative electrotherapy that used micro-resonances in order to tune into, amplify, and harmonize the body’s healing reactions.

Since 1990 Dr. Karasev’s team has developed and produced 7 series of SKENAR and COSMODIC devices, with 5-9 models in each series. Now people in more than 30 countries all over the world use these devices as their Personal Health Assistants.

Dr. Karasev’s SKENARs became an origin of other SKENAR-type devices (adaptive electrical stimulators) developed and manufactured worldwide. COSMODIC devices, however, remain the exclusive product of Dr. Karasev’s company. There are no other COSMODIC manufacturers anywhere, and there are no known COSMODIC copycats. The technology is too sophisticated to be reverse engineered without an original know-how.

Currently, Alexander Karasev and his team are working on the next (the third) SKENAR generation – ENS. ENS devices have been already released to the world with very encouraging results, but the ENS technology still remains quite an enigma. Dr. Karasev is not rushing to reveal its secrets, and it may take a while until we understand how it is possible for ENS to enhance and optimize the flow of bioenergy, reach the core body programming, trigger regeneration, and give everyone using it the Zen “inner smile”, among other things.

Dr. Karasev is the owner of many patents, trademarks, and service marks in Russia and abroad, including COSMODIC®”, “КОСМОДИК®”, “SKENAR®”, “СКЭНАР®”, “ENS®”, “ЭНС®”.


SKENAR – Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator – the most effective FDA cleared method of natural pain relief.


COSMODIC® — technology of Restoration that uses 46 feedback loops and micro-resonances for profound healing.


ENS – technology that reaches the Informational Matrix of the body opening a way to its REPROGRAMMING.


Wrap yourself into a warm healing cocoon developed to Revive, Regenerate and Restore even the most tired, stressed or ailing body.

Dr. Karasev’s company has representatives and medical centers in Russia, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Greece, Japan – and LET Health LLC is proud to bring his revolutionary inventions to North America.

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