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I just wanted to let you know that over the last few weeks I’ve had a miracle happen to me.

As I used the COSMODIC device (I have the EX735Ag SLIDER x3) it helped my body gradually heal from the excruciating fibromyalgia pain I was experiencing for such a prolonged period of time. I didn’t think it was ever going to stop and I was going to suffer for the rest of my life. How terribly sad is that? On top of this I was able to wean myself off of the poisonous anti-depressants I was on for depression and anxiety having to endure side effects that reduced my ability to function.

I used a combination of SCENAR and COSMODIC technologies in my device, as well as the ENS (that I borrowed from my brother) and introduced Terra XR (from Conscious Vitality) into my dietary supplements. I still am in disbelief because I tried everything – and didn’t achieve any positive results until now. This is truly a miraculous technology that has had a huge impact on my healing journey.

I am starting to really feel like my old self again, like nothing ever happened.

God bless you all.

Havva Seydali
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Oh so skeptical that one device could offer so much – and how that is quickly changing! We received our ENS Friday Sept 18 2020 and it has been turned on ever since!!!

My partner lost/damaged her voice from Chemo dosing (liver cancer), I am very excited to say it is nearly back! The first use of ENS was from our friend who purchased an ENS Dec 2019. 10 days after 3rd chemo and within 24hrs of using it her voice was completely restored!
This time, 3 days after 5th chemo, 2 sessions of about 20min, front and back of chest and she has regained nearly every aspect from her stuttering/laboured word linking issues.

So considering she has been pumped full of chemicals this result is simply amazing! But to note, both specialist Oncology, and Neurology doctors have no explanation for loss of voice and are VERY surprised the ENS restored her voice! All blood tests were normal and other than the tumour, no other health issues. We are not surprised to know conventional medical practice in this country (New Zealand) discredit anything their traditional training does not cover – particularly nutrition!

We have used the machine on a number of family members and positive results within 24-48hrs. One in particular has not been able to wear a watch on her wrist for more than 2 years, and within 24hrs had no pain or reaction to the nickel in the watch!

For all this to work I personally need proof with my own eyes and it is happening, plain and simple, right in front of me. Roll on the med beds!! ?

Eleanor Parker Christchurch
New Zealand
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ENS is an incredible piece of technology, I sometimes feel the unit speaks to me through its tones and beeps. Once it actually displayed a written message that the area on my body had been dosed and to move the device to another location. Consciousness assisted technology?

The ENS truly connects with the physical and etheric body of the recipient, giving you the tools you need to discover your own healing within your mind body and spirit. The device intelligently delivers unique energy frequencies into the body. The sensation is akin to when you enter a meditative state or receive a treatment from an energy practitioner (Reiki); the ENS provides energy into the body that is pure intentioned to promote overall well-being. As a user of the device, it teaches you and guides you to target areas of the body that need attention that results in a better experience. That said, you must learn to take cues from the ENS’s sounds and visual readout screen.

So far, I’ve treated successfully:

  • Deep cut (myself) – tissue healing was significantly accelerated (ENS mode)
  • Post-appendix surgery (my nephew)
  • Fused spine vertebrae, lower back pain (my dad)
  • Stomach issues
  • Headaches

My mom says, “It feels like it’s doing surgery inside my body”.

I’ve been raving about the device to a few of my friends. Of course, most are skeptics… What if it hurts me or does damage? And yet, the person who asked the question after receiving a 10-minute treatment was in awe at the results. Abdominal pain and discomfort quickly relieved itself.

My friends and family had only impactful benefits from ENS treatments. They keep asking for more!

iz Mississauga ON, Canada

Truly Exceptional in Performance and Ease of Use

The LET Medical device platforms (COSMODIC ENS) are truly exceptional in both performance and ease of use.

The addition several years ago of the SLIDER capability in professional LET Medical models was a huge advance. A smooth change between theCOSMODIC, and ENS platforms and combining them in optimal proportions present a variety of signal types to the body system. This can yield fast results without the need to follow exacting protocols. There are also on-board diagnostics used to determine the best working location and which signal type will generate the strongest body reaction at that location. All these features increase the ease of use and decrease the likelihood of operator errors when using LET Medical Devices.

One feature that isn’t talked about much is accommodation, which occurs where the device doesn’t seem to work as well as it did initially for a person because the body has got used to the signal. Many SKENARS, in my experience, have major accommodation problems, especially related to individuals with chronic pain issues – but not so much, if at all, LET Medical series of devices.

Overall, LET Medical devices offer a very informationally driven, efficacious, and adaptable platform that produces fast results over a very wide range of symptoms and practitioner experience levels. Thank you, LET Medical!

Larry Michael Beasley, MS, NCTMB, LMT, AIBT
Austin, TX, USA

The First Thing I will Grab in Case of a Fire

Having used LET Medical devices for years, it’s difficult not to write a small book about my experiences with theirCOSMODIC, and ENS technologies.

I’ve treated hundreds of people (and taught others to treat themselves and their friends and relatives), including some serious illnesses, and illnesses considered ‘untreatable’ by conventional medicine.

Not every case is an instant miracle, but in most cases, there is an immediate, powerful, positive effect, in my experience. In many cases there IS something akin to a ‘miracle’… a man suffering the aftereffect of a broken back 28 years previously (residual tingling and numbness were gone in under 10 minutes, permanently); or post-stroke paralysis (full function restored immediately after a 20 minute treatment); or when a ’10/10′ pain condition which had persisted for over a decade was down to ‘zero’ within 20 minutes.

The thing that never ceases to amaze me is how safe, quick and easy it is to use, but most of all how powerful the results are. My experience is that over 90% of cases yield long-lasting, positive results extremely quickly – and that is why The First Thing I will grab in case of a fire or similar incident is my energy healing equipment. I would not be without it.

Michael Upstone
Universal Health Trust Group, Austria, EU

I Was Tired of Pain…

As a long time athlete, I had come to a place where pain was just a normal daily event. Joints crack when my feet hit the floor, my knee burns from the injury that just never seems to get better; my headaches seem to last for days. I lived a healthy youth and now I pay every day. It didn’t seem to make sense. Isn’t health supposed to bring relief?

I Needed Some #$&#@ RELIEF!

Then I met the DOVE scenar – something that looked like a cross between an I-pod and an electronic thermometer. I was ready to try anything… I’m glad I did!

Relief is at your fingertips… Thanks to this incredible device not only did my pain go away but the headaches, that I discovered had a lot to do with my popping ibuprofen like candy, they were gone too!”

Phil Hughes
Ontario, Canada
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