Pain management with electrical current is well known in medicine. Non-invasive low-frequency electro-stimulators TENS (which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) are routinely used in many medical practices and home care for temporary pain relief.

The popularity of TENS is well deserved because it is a non-invasive and drug-free method of battling pain in a very natural way – with electrical impulses, “the language” of the nervous system itself. TENS signals “overpower” the pain signals, suppress them – and pain disappears, only to return after the TENS application ends or after the body develops tolerance to the repetitive TENS stimulation.

Dr. Alexander Karasev’s journey into the world of SKENAR, COSMODIC, and ENS began with TENS. A decade before he founded LET Medical Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics in Taganrog, Russia, he has developed three models of TENS: TENS-01, TENS-02, and TENS-02M. The shortcomings of the technology, however, did not allow him to reach the goals of his research for the Space Program – and that led to the invention of SKENAR.

technology of Treatment

In order to give cosmonauts what they needed in space, a universal Personal Health Assistant, a different approach was required. It came from a humble awareness that no matter how hard we try, the human mind will never be able to grasp the complexity of the inner workings of a human body – hence, all our attempts to “diagnose” a disease will always be to some degree a guesswork and, therefore, will always leave some room for mistakes. The only way to avoid that is to give control over therapy to the only entity that knows exactly what’s going on and has a plan how to fix it – the body itself.

That’s how the ADAPTIVE electrical stimulation was born – and SKENAR as the first implementation of it.

SKENAR is an acronym, which stands for Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulation (Regulator).

SKENAR had two unique and distinctive features that set it apart from any other electrical stimulator.

• The first feature is the SHAPE of SKENAR impulses that resembles the shape of natural neuro-impulses – the signals that our nerves use to transmit information and communicate. The body, therefore, recognizes SKENAR impulses as something familiar and enters into a “dialog” with the device.

• The second distinctive feature of SKENAR is its ability to constantly adapt to the body by dynamically changing its signals in accordance with the FEEDBACK the device receives from the body. The feedback is read through the spontaneous changes in the electrical resistance of the skin (impedance) when the body responds to stimulation and does not involve any conscious efforts. The device signals will be changing as long as the body changes the local impedance and continues the “dialog”, which solves the problem of the body getting used to the stimulation and developing tolerance.

The adaptability of the SKENAR made it operate similarly to the living systems that adapt to their environment via constantly functioning feedback loops. When connected to the body, the SKENAR device became “an electronic mirror”, another dynamic system the body could check and balance itself against. That was a know-how that dramatically enhanced the body’s ability to heal itself (prompting the “Star Trek healing device” analogy) and that more than three decades ago only the SKENAR technology could provide.

SKENAR was a very effective treatment technology, which, however, in its first implementation (SKENARs of the first generation) had a few flaws.

SKENAR is a method of the “big stimulus”. In the first generation, SKENAR devices the acting impulse is artificially increased mimicking the pain impulse, in order to attract the body’s attention to the diseased part. In a way, SKENAR is a “pain amplifier” that elicits the amplified restorative reaction of the body.

This approach of “big stimuli” is rather inaccurate and requires complicated protocols in order to determine the precise location of the stimulus application, which limits the SKENAR technology‘s therapeutic potential. At the same time, SKENAR today remains the best method of natural pain relief.

SKENAR is the technology of motivating the body
to fight disease by “adding to pain”.


COSMODIC ® — technology of Restoration

LET Medical Research Laboratory introduced COSMODIC ® at the beginning of this century (and this millennium). This technology was a major step forward that continued the SKENAR evolution. With COSMODIC ®, the restorative functions of the body could be amplified directly, without provoking them with the artificially increased “neuro-like” device impulses (in other words, without the “pain amplification”).

We call COSMODIC devices the “second generation SKENARs”.

COSMODIC ® became possible due to the implementation of multiple feedbacks. 46 feedback loops (instead of just 1 in SKENAR) allowed collecting a large amount of data about the body condition including the harmonics of the body’s healing reactions that were then directly amplified through micro-resonances.

Multiple feedbacks also allow splitting the “big SKENAR stimulus” into several small ones, where the transition from one small stimulus to another happens on command of the body itself through the feedbacks.

COSMODIC ® creates “adaptive regulatory bundles” of impulses, where one bundle flows into another like piano accords.

The sophisticated COSMODIC ® signals can be both stimulating and sedating mimicking the regulating activity of the central nervous system (in comparison, TENS and SKENAR signals are always stimulating). And just like the nervous system, COSMODIC ® uses both central and local mechanisms to wake up the cellular memory and enhance the innate capacity of our body to recover, regenerate, and rejuvenate.

COSMODIC technology facilitates restoration at the cellular level and promotes the actual regeneration of the bodily structures.

COSMODIC is the technology of direct amplification
of the body’s healing potential by “adding to healing”.

COSMODIC was definitely a new level in SKENAR therapy full of new possibilities – and yet, the SKENAR evolution still continued.


ENS ® — “the Beginning

According to Alexander Karasev, ENS was “the enigma that started it all”. It came even before SKENAR, in 1976, first as the ENS-01 and later as the ENS-03 – the progenitor of all SKENAR devices.

ENS-03 was an adaptive electrical stimulator – and yet, it possessed some “spark”, some mysterious essence that made it almost magically effective. Any attempt to modify the device, even ever so slightly, and/or bring it in compliance with the required medical device standards would destroy that essence and render the ENS almost useless (turn in to TENS).

In Dr. Karasev’s own words, he was chasing that “spark” ever since designing many versions of COSMODIC along the way, and only now, 33 years later, he was able to partially recreate “the spark” in the new ENS.

ENS is a logical continuation of COSMODIC in the more advanced implementation. To put it simply, it is a big SKENAR stimulus + small stimuli of COSMODIC + “informational” stimuli.

ENS is like the Russian “matryoshka” doll, in which the inserted informational stimuli create an informational “snowball” synthesized by the body itself through the feedbacks coming straight from the site of pathology. Eventually, the body starts processing the accumulated in the “snowball” information so intensively that becomes capable of getting resonance responses from virtually all its cells and activating all its resources in order to overcome the disease.

In the good old ENS-03, the body response through the spurious feedbacks was explicitly causing anomalies (“sparks”) creating additional impulses (informational stimuli) at every burst of reaction – and that’s what brought such dramatic treatment effect. And now that “the spark” has been decoded it became possible to purposefully implement it in the new generation of SKENAR devices – ENS (“third generation SKENARs”).

According to Alexander Karasev, ENS is not actually a stand-alone technology. It is “the beginning”, the essence that allows COSMODIC work much better. It is something that permits the body to restore its original design, its innate programming – and in doing so return the “inner smile” to our entire being (something noticed by virtually everyone using the ENS devices).

ENS helps the body “reflect on itself”, go to the beginning – and in doing so
restore its original Informational Matrix, the one the body had before the disease.

ENS is only making its first steps, and who knows what we will see becoming possible in the next few years…




SOLARIS Blanket Revive, Regenerate, Restore

Solaris Energy Blanket is a non-invasive energy therapy for everyday external use at home or in a health practice in all age groups.  It gently balances and restores the energy flow in the body, which provides quick stress and pain relief and can over time re-energize and rejuvenate the body.

Solaris Energy Blanket appears as an ordinary blanket, even though it is actually brilliant in its simplicity FEEDBACK device, which works both as an ‘energy shield’ and as ‘an energy mirror’ showing the body its energetic portrait’ and providing a favorable condition for correction of imperfections.

Being originally designed as a result of many years of research and development work in the field of bio-resonance therapy in Russia, the Solaris Blanket is based on the principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of the body’s internal mechanisms of self-regulation.

The healing action of the Solaris Blanket is based on electrostatic and reflective qualities of its internal layer, which contains an alloy of metals with a high coefficient of EMF reflection absorbed into a cotton meshwork. This internal layer screens the body from harmful external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. It also reflects the body’s own electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and extremely high-frequency ranges. This effect helps the body to rebalance its own electrical charge and energy and provides a beneficial environment for the body to heal itself. The reflected infrared radiation gives a very relaxing and soothing warm feeling, which over time can re-energize the body and relieve pain.

Solaris Energy Blanket can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other therapies and modalities, in which case it usually enhances their effects on the body (including effects of medication). It is especially effective in combination withCOSMODIC, and ENS complementing and enriching their beneficial effects.