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ENS is the latest in the evolution of COSMODIC technology, “the third generation” of adaptive electrical stimulation that alongside COSMODIC offers another healing technology – ENS (“the beginning” of COSMODIC now decoded and implemented on a new quality level). LET Medical ENS is a sophisticated professional device which, however, is simple enough in operation and handling to be used in home settings.

ENS therapy is a logical continuation of COSMODIC therapy in the more advanced implementation. To put it simply, it is a big SKENAR stimulus + small stimuli of COSMODIC + “informational” stimuli.  ENS therapy based on informational stimuli has allowed more accurately approach the informational space of the body and get resonance responses from virtually all its cells. It is a therapy that permits the body to restore its original design, its innate programming – and in doing so return the “inner smile” to our entire being (something noticed by virtually everyone using the ENS).

Correct programming means that you become the best version of yourself, the best you can be – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and with ENS you always know that you simply have the best non-invasive treatment option available anywhere, for your family or your practice.

NOTE: all our devices come with a complementary Virtual Training (PDF downloads, 50+ articles, 80+ videos) designed to help you get quick and profound results with your new COSMODIC or ENS.

  • IMPORTANT. This item is in high demand. Please ask us about availability before ordering.
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Dr. Karasev, the COSMODIC technology inventor, about the ENS

Evolutionary development in a spiral is a Cosmic Law which guides the whole Universe, and no power on Earth can change it.

The first feedback-based electro stem device that could successfully treat people was designed in 1976, and I called it ENS-01. Then there were ENS-02, ENS-03… and the latter has become a legend and a progenitor of all SKENAR devices. It possessed some unique therapeutic qualities that could not be quite explained or, at that time, replicated.

When I founded “LET Medical”, we released in mass production a device called SKENAR-035, which has gained popularity all over the world for its inimitable treatment effects and strong and lasting pain relief. However, it was still far from the powerful results of the ENS. Moving forward, in the beginning of a new millennium we have created more advanced method of treatment — COSMODIC (as in “cosmos”). It has dramatically increased the range of applications and the depth of results, and now we could talk about creating a new trend in medicine.

Today, following the evolutionary Cosmic Law, in a spiral, we are coming back to where we started, but on a new quality level. After forty years, the secret of the original ENS has been finally uncovered, and we are happy to introduce a new era of drug-free therapy that is capable of reaching our informational space and correct the body’s programming. And we call it ENS therapy.

CLICK HERE to Learn More about ENS and its History

ENS is the latest in the evolution of COSMODIC technology, “the third generation” of adaptive electrical stimulation that alongside COSMODIC offers the third healing technology – ENS. ENS therapy is a logical continuation of COSMODIC therapy in the more advanced implementation.

According to Alexander Karasev, ENS is not actually a stand-alone technology. It is “the beginning”, the essence that allows COSMODIC technologies to work much better. It is something that permits the body to restore its original design, its innate programming – and in doing so return the “inner smile” to our entire being (something noticed by virtually everyone using the ENS).

ENS is a logical continuation of COSMODIC in the more advanced implementation.
To put it simply, it is a big SKENAR stimulus + small stimuli of COSMODIC + “informational” stimuli.

ENS therapy based on informational stimuli is bringing us closer than ever before to the informational space (Informational Matrix) of the body allowing to get resonance responses from virtually all its cells. That means we are moving towards our ability to REPROGRAM the body.

New LET Medical ENS can do everything that the EX735 SLIDERs can do, PLUS something that they cannot.

What’s NEW in the ENS

  • The device simultaneously supports 3 patented technologies of treatment developed by LET Medical  (SKENAR therapy, COSMODIC therapy, ENS therapy) and automatically selects the correct ratio in various combinations of them in “mixed” modes (the technologies can also be used in “mono” modes).
  • ENS provides for automatic selection of treatment technology in three ranges of the “sliding” impulse, to achieve high efficiency even for a home user.
  • ENS allows you to design the action mode setting yourself (20+ modes in Professional version – see further below). First, you select the treatment technology or technologies in mono or “sliding” range – and then you add the appropriate modulation for the needed effect of treatment.
  • Two display options. Information on the screen can be displayed as a circular chart or a bar chart.
  • Image rotation. When applying device together with other treatment manipulations, the image on a display can be rotated so that it is convenient to use with left or right hand.
  • AMOLED display. A graphic full-color display on organic LEDs (OLED). High resolution and power-saving.
  • ENS offers a separate Assessment Module that performs and walks a user through a full-body assessment procedure displaying the results in graphic form. That way you know exactly where to apply the device in order to get the best results in the fastest way possible.
  • Assessment implements the patented method of SKENAR-therapy: selection of the skin zones for treatment according to diagnostic skin readings (“free readings”, readings on paravertebral roots, spinous processes, for men and women, readings on outlets of trigeminal nerve — “6 points”, etc.). This way one can get a full picture of the condition of both local areas and the whole body.
  • Reading results are saved and stored in the patient’s file as bar charts, superimposed on the image of a human body. Such visualization allows the user to instantly assess the general condition of the body and select the appropriate protocol of treatment.
  •  The device also keeps personal files for each client that store the results of their respective assessment procedures. This valuable feature allows a user to do a comparative analysis during consecutive sessions.

Detachable Electrodes

“Ski” electrodes are detachable and are made by patented technology in the form of three flat bars rounded at the front of the device body. The rounded part is convenient for treatment small or hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the face), and the flat part on the bottom of device body is mainly used for treatment of large areas.

The electrodes are made of pure noble metals: copper, silver, gold.

  • 5 action modes in the Standard version of the device and 20+ action modes in the Professional version with advanced settings (can be designed individually – see further below).
  • Starts treatment immediately using all functions of automatic control and maintains perfect fine-tuning via user mode for automatic correction.
  • Turns on manually or on touch. Touch switch-on in automatic mode for urgent instant use.
  • Maximum simplified control — only one button and an encoder (scroll switch) which provide quick and convenient access to the most important settings. High level of operational comfort. Easy and quick operation.
  • Corrects manual settings of action modes if they are wrong.
  • Sound and vibro indication; individual settings of sound and vibrosignal for a particular manipulation.
  • Regulation of energy level can be automatic or manual. The ENS automatically switches to the more delicate impulse (SENSO mode) while working on mucous membranes with remote attachments (such as vaginal and rectal electrodes).
  • “Dynamic adaptation” mode automatically manages stimulation during a prolonged action (available in all modes except the SENSO mode).
  • The “quiet” mode allows to turn the sound off and activate a vibro-signal to indicate the reaction.
  • A timer of action upon the area, timer of the total procedure, a timer of the resource of the device, switch-off timer.
  • Easy and precise assessment and selection of the best area to treat. The graphics in Active Area Search mode are simple and easy to understand. The separate Assessment Module provides for the ability to take “free readings” of the area (guided readings in the Professional version).
  • The device keeps accurate records and regulates the time of use by medical personnel or by a lessee.
  • Three wide pure silver detachable on-device electrodes.
  • Two ports for remote electrodes, which gives you a variety of convenient treatment options:
    –     one port for standard passive COSMODIC-compatible remote electrodes,
    –     and one port for special “active” remote attachments (DX-type).
  • An option to connect up to 2 remote electrodes simultaneously, including “smart” electrodes with the digital interface (can work simultaneously with 3 different electrodes).
  • Automatic tuning into remote electrodes; automatic calibration of the electrodes through the menu.
  • The device can be restored to factory settings and in many cases fine-tuned or even repaired distantly through the codes.

Mini-jack 2.5

Push-pull connector

ENS is represented in two versions:
Standard and Professional

STANDARD version has the most necessary and optimal settings for personal use.

  • 5 action modes: 3 mono-modes (SCENAR, COSMODIC, ENS), 2 slider-modes with automatic “sliding” of the acting impulse within and between SCENAR-COSMODIC and SCENAR-ENS ranges with MYO function (amplitude modulation for improvement of tissue metabolism).
  • Working simultaneously with 2 remote electrodes, or with remote electrodes AND the device. Parameters (energy level and action mode) for both probes or the probe and the device are set identical.
  • Assessment Module: “free readings” only.

PROFESSIONAL version with advanced settings (which are not available in basic version) that are essential for professional COSMODIC therapists in clinical practice.

  • 20+ action modes that can be individually crafted for optimum efficiency. 
    • There are two main groups of modes: mono-modes (SCENAR, COSMODIC, ENS) and slider-modes (SCENAR-COSMODIC, SCENAR-ENS, COSMODIC-ENS), where the acting impulse is “sliding” in two ranges.
    • Slider-modes are represented in two types: “auto” (speed of the acting impulse correction updates is done automatically) and “fix” (updates are done with set intervals).
    • To each of the modes (mono or slider) the following modulations can be applied:
      • MYO  amplitude modulation for improvement of tissue metabolism;
      • VAR frequency modulation, which increases the CNS (central nervous system) response and prevents the development of adaptation (tolerance) to stimulation allowing for longer therapy.
  • Assessment Module: “free readings”, readings on spinous processes, paravertebral roots (“3 pathways”), exit points of the trigeminal nerve (“6 points”), separate readings for men and women – in digital format.
  • Working simultaneously with 2 remote electrodes, or with remote electrodes AND the device. Parameters (energy level and action mode) for both probes or the probes and the device can be set identical or different for each remote probe or the remote probe and the device.
  • An additional function of automatic adaptation to remote electrodes, which ensures undistorted transmission of the acting impulse along the electrode wires (especially when the complicated VAR modes are activated). In technical terms, this function is called the “compensator of the dynamic wire capacity”.

The LET Medical PRO License can be purchased separately HERE.

Connecting up to
2 remote electrodes

What’s included in the ENS PRICE

  • LET Medical ENS device, standard version;
  • Genuine leather case;
  • Two size AA, 1.5V batteries;
  • Operator’s Manual (supplied electronically by LET Medical);
  • PDF of the “LET Medical Recommendations on COSMODIC Treatment” (sent electronically);
  • PDF of the “COSMODIC® User Guide” (supplied electronically by us);
  • Access to our proprietary COSMODIC Virtual Training (Fast Start Track) with 50+ articles and 80+ videos to quickly get you proficient in operating your new device and achieving good results with it.

There are also DVDs available – full recordings of live training programs featuring the ENS – “Make Your SLIDER Sing Even Louder” (sold separately). We also highly recommend the “COSMODIC For Younger You” program on DVDs that teaches the basics of COSMODIC technology in general and its application for anti-aging and beauty treatment in particular.


Your LET Medical ENS comes with an 18-months manufacturer’s warranty, which begins from the date you receive your device. The warranty covers any malfunctioning of the device except for the ones that happen due to careless handling (dropping or crushing the device, water or fire damage, battery leakage etc.). In this case, we will still help you to get your device fixed or replaced, but you will have to cover the replacement or repair costs.  MORE DETAILS HERE

ENS helps the body “reflect on itself”, go to the beginning – and in doing so restore its original Informational Matrix, the one the body had before the disease.
Device Type: COSMODIC ENS professional device
Acting Impulse: Adaptive regulatory bundles of impulses, Bipolar two-phase spike without constant component.
Action Modes: Active area search, Additional PRO License modes, Assessment Module, COSMODIC, Dynamic adaptation (auto), ENS, SENSO (protective), SKENAR, SKENAR-COSMODIC SLIDER-AUTO, SKENAR-ENS SLIDER MYO
Controls: One faceplate button, Scroll-switch (encoder)
Device Electrodes: Sterling silver 925 grade or higher
Display (Screen): AMOLED display
Feedback: Multiple feedback channels
Information display: Bar chart, Circular chart
Connectors (jacks): Mini-jack 2.5 for passive remote electrodes, Mini-jack 3.5 for active remote electrodes (push-pull connector)
Power Supply: Two AA batteries, 1.5 V
Professional License: Available - separate order
Sound Indication: Body reaction signal, End of Full Dose signal, End of Min Dose signal, Turn OFF the device
Technology: COSMODIC, ENS, SKENAR, SLIDER effect
Accessories: Genuine leather case, LET Medical remote electrodes - by order, Shungite remote electrodes - by order
Size: 147x 63x 34mm
Weight (without batteries): 170g

7 reviews for ENS device

  1. Al Tie (verified owner)

    Oh so skeptical that one device could offer so much – and how that is quickly changing! We received our ENS Friday Sept 18 2020 and it has been turned on ever since!!!
    My partner lost/damaged her voice from Chemo dosing (liver cancer), I am very excited to say it is nearly back! The first use of ENS was from our friend who purchased an ENS Dec 2019. 10 days after 3rd chemo and within 24hrs of using it her voice was completely restored!
    This time, 3 days after 5th chemo, 2 sessions of about 20min, front and back of chest and she has regained nearly every aspect from her stuttering/laboured word linking issues.
    So considering she has been pumped full of chemicals this result is simply amazing! But to note, both specialist Oncology, and Neurology doctors have no explanation for loss of voice and are VERY surprised the ENS restored her voice! All blood tests were normal and other than the tumour, no other health issues. We are not surprised to know conventional medical practice in this country (New Zealand) discredit anything their traditional training does not cover – particularly nutrition! (You can watch our video of Eleanor’s voice return here: https://youtu.be/PDOiFDgamwk)
    We have used the machine on a number of family members and positive results within 24-48hrs. One in particular has not been able to wear a watch on her wrist for more than 2 years, and within 24hrs had no pain or reaction to the nickel in the watch!
    For all this to work I personally need proof with my own eyes and it is happening, plain and simple, right in front of me. Roll on the med beds!! 😉

  2. Debra Livadas (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say that I am loving the machines (the ENS and the DOVE) and the information that I have gathered from you and read. The ENS and Dove are such phenomenal machines, I can’t believe I had not discovered them years ago or even heard about them because I am such an avid reader, analyst, and health researcher.

    I am still looking for another manufacturer of the soft laser because I understand that tool will complement the other tools that I use to maintain my family’s health.

    I probably have spent more hours using the ENS on my husband than on myself; and, he can easily endorse these tools and their effectiveness for their relief of back pain, muscle pain and tightness, muscle strain especially since he had a 4-wheeler accident 10 years ago; and, he has frequent pain in the same areas since his work involves lifting heavy objects and a lot of manual labor.
    I have not necessarily used the ENS according to all the protocols that I have read and seen on your site; but however I have used them on the sore points, they have been most effective. I will have to say that mostly I have used the ENS machine and I have used it on the highest setting (A3) and on the combination of Scenar/Cosmodic Slider Myo on my husband.

    Regarding myself, I have used the ENS to treat eye inflammation, headaches, sudden onset of knee pain, sinus congestion and most recently a spot popped up on my forearm (almost overnight) like I have never seen. It was so scary because it was small in size but round, and almost purple and lobed in nature. I can not attribute this spot to any topical or physical damage/hit to the area. I don’t even want to say the word —it was so scary to me. I put the ENS directly on it; it dosed in about one minute. I dosed it again for approximately one minute the very day that I discovered it. And over the next 5-7 days it has almost disappeared.

    So, I can say with absolute faith, that the ENS is a phenomenal machine. And, one of the best parts of it is that I don’t have to connect wires and extension cords and worry about electrical storms when I need to use it. It is so convenient to use—even though I have not understood all the nuances that it still has in store for me . I love the ENS and if I had more time, would treat more than just me and my husband. I do want to purchase some extensions such as the hair probe and some shungite balls to enhance my use of it and possibly a soft laser. My next patient will be my Doberman. I want to have the tools handy and ready should I encounter issues that are treatable in her with the ENS.

    Thank You LET Health for such a fabulous product.

    Debra L

    • Nell Vasilieva

      Dear Debra,

      We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with our ENS. It is our hope that at some point in the future every family will have one such device, because it really is a Personal Health Assistant – to address any arising health challenge right when it happens. And do not hesitate to use it on your Doberman; animals are even more responsive to COSMODIC and ENS than humans.

      We wish Health and Happiness to your entire family.

  3. Phil Cooke (verified owner)

    My wife has said it all really above but for me the best thing is seeing her walking again getting up from a chair instantly instead of needing a LIFT CHAIR and a STICK to get upright then struggling to get going as the pain kicked in worse and her muscles refused to work. The transformation is unbelievable. A few hours after her “miracle” she was out bending weeding the garden, something she has not been able to do for many years. I was truly amazed. Her sense of humour is back and we are both laughing and even singing again – something we have not done for a long time.

    When you are in pain all the time you don’t realize how you SHOULD feel. The ENS rectifies that and is an amazing concept way above the heads of the “lame”stream medics who don’t want to even know about it. The writing is on the wall for all doctors now with this. So glad we invested in the ENS… what price do you put on your health and you just don’t know how much pain you are in until it stops… and it did instantly for my wife and another lady that visited over Xmas.

    I have a sore hip so hope the ENS will save me from a hip replacement operation. I am already standing up better and walking better and getting some strange sensations down my bad leg which are not painful, just never ever felt this sort of thing before as the ENS kick starts things. Also means I can eat all the things that used to give me gout (the list was growing!) as the ENS on the kidneys instantly took away the growing gout redness on my toe! We have also found by comparing notes we have both experienced a strange thing that when a pain appears and stays there enough to make you go for the ENS as soon as you even reach to get the ENS out of its pouch… the pain goes away! BEFORE you have switched it on. We both had this happen and thought we imagined it, which could mean this has a “field” around it that interacts on a whole new level. Maybe on a higher consciousness level?

    All I know is that I wish we had found out about this technology years ago but we sure will spread the word now. Feel like standing out on the street shouting, “Anyone wants healing?”. I am sure you would soon draw a crowd if it worked for others like it did for my wife. Can highly recommend the ENS – so simple to use for anyone and WORKS. Thank you so much for perfecting this after so many years of research, you can be very proud of this amazing technology.

  4. Sandi Cooke (verified owner)

    WOW WHAT TECHNOLOGY. We have used the ENS for less than 10 MINUTES on the first go and it cured me of the pain and inability to move that I have suffered with for more than 50 years. I AM BLOWN AWAY and crying tears of hapiness as I have seen everyone with an “ology” in both the UK and New Zealand who said they could do nothing for me and it was a “pain syndrome” !!! Rubbish!! These mainstream doctors dont know anything, the ENS knows it all and whats more actually helps you heal INSTANTLY. You can almost feel the love and care it gives out as is PAINLESSLY fixes things from gout to migrane, worn out muscles to sore kidneys and BAD BACKS!! .We have only had this less than a week and have had amazing results and already ticked many items off our health issue list. We have many more to go so will give the ENS a lot to work on but the feeling of well being is awesome, sleeping and eating better and we feel like we have been “oiled” and that inner grin is real.

    We recommend the ENS version ( the only one to go for as anyone can use it! ) WELL WORTH THE MONEY. We could have easily spent that on a fancy clinic for a week without any results but now we have this for the rest of our lives, which the way we feel after just a few hours using it could be extended… we already feel and LOOK younger!!. Not a bad side effect!! So much so that we are going to cancel our health insurance policy which means in just over a year the premiums we save will have paid for the ENS. We are THAT confident. Don’t let the price put you off… it is worth WAY WAY MORE to feel this good this quick… and no more fruitless visits to doctors! We are just ordinary working people so this was a huge investment for us but I knew where this technology came from and I don’t mean Russia!! it goes WAY beyond there … so I knew that it WOULD work.. and it did instantly!! and can do so for you. The people at LET Medical who are also awesome know what they have is literally “out of this world” and can and WILL fix all your health issues. We are so pleased to have been able to buy one and am happy to recommend it. Everyone should have one!!. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. I could go on but they said be brief!!!

    Sandi Cooke
    New Zealand

  5. unitywithlove (verified owner)

    I have had my ENS for almost a year and Love it! It goes everywhere with me! It has helped so many clients of mine to heal completely to the point that a lot of the issues they came in with no longer cause them any more problems. I never tire of working with it and am still amazed of what relief it brings myself and others. Truly a blessing! Thank you.

  6. Oleg

    We purchased two devices to share. The earlier DOVE device model we gave to mom, and she is happy with it. It helps her stay pain-free most of the time.

    ENS is a wonderful device – and the design is superb. Of course you need to study training and read a lot, and watching videos from this site help. There is a lot of information in their virtual training. It, however, would be nice if the DVDs they have could be downloaded and not just ordered on discs.

    • LET Health

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we are planning to have our DVDs as downloads in the near future.

  7. Anna Stephanie

    Thanks you! I use the device for 5 months, positive impressions! No cons, only pros!

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