bounce back

COSMODIC Protocols: BOUNCE BACK When You Feel Off-Balance

Imagine: you wake up in the morning refreshed and full of energy, do your Morning Ritual, enjoy your morning meal, kiss your loved ones and wish everybody a good day hearing the same in return, leave your house with a smile and anticipation of a productive day… and then life intervenes. There will be many…
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immune system balance

Popular COSMODIC Protocols: Immune Modulation

How well do you know your Immune System? We are thinking, not that well. You probably know that it supposed to protect you against various dangerous microorganisms, that it involves very different parts of the body, and that sometimes it does not work efficient enough (immune-deficiencies), or works way too efficient (allergies), or gets totally…
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ANS balancing

Popular COSMODIC Protocols: ANS Balancing (Chronic STRESS)

There is nothing more detrimental to your health than the habitual CHRONIC STRESS that sneaks up on you as a silent killer. And the worst part is, we often don’t even realize that we are under attack until it’s too late. In the video below Dr. Irina Kossovskaia offers you a “crash course” on Chronic…
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young and old

Popular COSMODIC Protocols: Cinderella BEAUTY Treatment

SKENAR Therapy for BEAUTY This particular Protocol is definitely one of our favorites. We call it the “Cinderella Beauty Treatment”, because it addresses not only your external, but also the internal beauty. Used in this protocol, SKENAR devices and COSMODIC devices will rejuvenate not only your face, but also your heart. SKENAR Beauty Treatment will…
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Meka with DOVE small

SKENAR in Your Home: All You Need is DOVE (scenar)

DOVE Is All You Need! Deanna is a loving wife and a devoted working mother of two wonderful children – Joel, 18, and Meka, 16. Deanna’s husband Todd is an auto-mechanic, and Jeanne is a customer relations manager in a health business. The family is not rich, but they are all very happy together. Deanna’s…
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