We are in the midst of a novel coronavirus pandemic; no one is truly safe from it, and fear dominates our lives – potentially causing more damage than the virus itself.

The danger is real, and contracting a coronavirus carries a lot of health risks; however, that is not a reason to panic. We are not helpless victims of a terrifying virus, we are just its temporary hosts. It is in our power to let the virus know that it is not welcome in our bodies.

We can do a lot of things to prepare our body for a viral invasion; and, if such an invasion happens, to deal with it quickly and efficiently, minimizing significant lasting consequences – humanity has the technologies.

Here are a few suggestions for COSMODIC and ENS owners.

First and Foremost: strengthen your Immune System. Even with all existing COVID-19 vaccines, well-functioning non-specific immunity is your best and most natural defence. A fine-tuned Immune System can detect a virus in the early stages and efficiently mobilize the body’s defences without wasting precious time and before the virus has a chance to spread and cause substantial damage. A strong Immune System has its “troops” trained, organized, equipped, and on a stand-by for its guard duties (especially if it has been already trained by a COVID vaccine). This is your best protection against any invader, internal or external (coronavirus included).

THIS ARTICLE and video will help you get to know your Immune System better and suggest a specific protocol COSMODIC and ENS users can implement in order to modulate and strengthen the Immune function.

If you don’t have time to watch the video or implement the full Immune Modulation protocol, please, at least, do the Pirogov’s Ring Technique daily.

Second: recharge and tune-up your Energy System daily. There are many ways of doing it, and every person may have their own individual procedures and preferences. For COSMODIC and ENS users, though, we would especially recommend performing three techniques regularly:

Third: all of the above are preventative measures (and especially useful if you get a virus); however, there are specific corrective measures you can implement if you actually get sick.

Below are recommendations from our Russian colleagues fighting this coronavirus in the far east of Russia; and, according to them, chances for a full recovery (without lasting consequences) are much higher with regular COSMODIC and ENS therapy for at least an hour a day or longer (or several times a day).

Since the coronavirus often attacks the lungs, if you or your patient develop a dry cough and shortness of breath, immediately start working on the chest area.

  • Begin by “brushing” the clavicles in the projection of the top of the lungs, working on all Small Asymmetries found along the way.
  • Next, do the “Sun” on the back between the shoulder blades: Dose the middle point on the spine and then do “rays” around it clockwise, step-by-step, engaging the full length of the electrodes. You do not have to Dose every position, but take your time – it is an important step.
  • Now start working covering the entire chest, in the manner of the “Clouds” or the “Christmas Tree” – and do not forget that your movements should be directed from the bottom up, “pushing” the virus from the lungs towards the throat and out of the system (showing the unwanted guest out, so to speak).
  • If you have more than one device or a pair of remote electrodes, you can position them on the opposite sides of the body and leave them there for a little while: on the back – then on the front – then on the back again, and keep going step-by-step, slowly moving from the bottom up and eventually covering the entire chest area. (Actually, there is no limit to how many COSMODIC devices you can use simultaneously: we’ve heard of doctors using a “belt” of 4 705Ag devices on their clients with great results.)
  • Finish Dosing the suprasternal notch (the Thymus projection) and the C7 as the major “immune junctions”.

The whole procedure takes about an hour and, as we mentioned above, can be repeated several times a day, if necessary. Yes, it is time-consuming, but if you want to reduce the potential scarring of lung tissue, give COSMODIC and ENS time to do their job.

We hope that our recommendations will help keep you and your loved ones healthy.

LET Health Team

P.S. Please note that all of the above DOES NOT REPLACE conventional and/or holistic therapies and practices that can and should be implemented for comprehensive care, not does it replace COVID vaccination. This is something that you can do in addition to them if you have COSMODIC or ENS devices in your possession. Please also note that COSMODIC and ENS, by their very nature, DO NOT KILL the virus (or any other microorganism, for that matter). They can, however, help your body efficiently strengthen its own natural defences and recover/regenerate more completely after the worst is over. Please keep that in mind when thinking through your prevention and treatment strategy.

P.P.S. And, while relying on technologies, do not forget that old-school “grandma” home or traditional remedies still often work, even when nothing else does. For example, doctors in Siberia swear by strong anti-viral qualities of garlic (one clove of fresh garlic minced and taken with a little bit of water early in the morning on an empty stomach). Meanwhile, China has widely used Traditional Chinese Medicine (e.g. Qingfei Paidu Soup) to combat the virus in the majority of their COVID-19 cases (with the government claiming it played a significant role in reducing the impact of the virus).

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