There are many situations in daily life in general (and in the practice of a holistic healer in particular) when the body is stuck in unhealthy energetic patterns – or a recent encounter created a major disturbance in the energy flow in the body. This may result in fatigue, low energy, ‘foggy brain’, headaches, mood swings, sleeplessness, loss of focus and motivation, and even depression or energy healers starting to manifesting symptoms of their clients.

What you need in these circumstances is a short but powerful shock to the regulative systems of the body in order to put them in a temporary state of energetic chaos, after which the system will restore itself to a more coherent, healthier order. In a way, it is a systemic “reboot”.

In COSMODIC therapy, this is achieved by simultaneously influencing three channels of energy flow and a lot of important nervous structures on the back (the three pathways described in the 3P6P or 3P7P Protocols) on as high energy settings of anyCOSMODIC, or ENS device as a client can stand. This is called the “Energy Cleanse” Technique, and here is how it’s performed in the classical SKENAR therapy.

NOTE: If you plan this technique for yourself, you will need to find an assistant for that, since the procedure is done on the back and is not intended to be pleasant. In fact, it is normal for a client during the classical Energy Cleanse to scream and curse a technician – and, according to traditional Russian SKENAR school, the more scream the better the effect. Just keep going without detaching the device from the skin.

• Set your device on a high energy level (barely tolerable, in fact). Your client is preferably lying down on his stomach.

• Position your device right under the hairline on the back perpendicular to the spine and crossing the central and, hopefully, both paravertebral lines.

• If your electrodes are too small to cross all three lines (like on the C-DOVE or the DOVE scenar), do the central line first, then left and right paravertebral lines.

• Start moving the device down VERY slowly all the way from the hairline down to the coccyx WITHOUT detaching the device from the skin. Repeat it along the left side of the spine – and then along the right side, if necessary (all the way down SLOOOWLY). Stay for 5 sec. every time on the first – and on the last positions of the route.

• Repeat the process 5-7 times, depending on the level of incoherence and the level of tolerance of your client. No need to look for asymmetries; this is not your objective.

• The procedure is considered successful, if you have red patches appear in every part of the spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral.

As we already mentioned, the above describes how Energy Cleanse was designed in the classical Russian SKENAR school and performed with the first generation SKENARs. Since COSMODIC and ENS technologies came to existence in more gentle LET Medical devices, there were some modification suggested to make the technique more tolerable without losing its efficiency. Main suggestions for COSMODIC and ENS devices:

  • Use one of the MYO modes, if you device has them, and/or SKENAR mode for COSMODIC Hybrids such as VX735 and EX735 and ENS;
  • The energy level still has to be the highest possible;
  • Use quick “brushing” in vertical strokes in every segment of the spine, without applying too much pressure and still keeping the device perpendicular to the spine (you can use very high energy settings if you are “brushing”; it is more tolerable);
  • Keep brushing every segment until you get red patches appear on the skin.;
  • To finalize, run the entire spine top to bottom with your device on a slightly lower energy level 3 times (staying for 5 sec. on the very top and on the very bottom each time).
COSMODIC Therapy: The SKENAR Philosophy by Dr. Yuri
COSMODIC Therapy ABC: How to Increase SKENAR Efficiency

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  • Faccincani Gianni
    29/01/2021 12:56 PM

    Un cardiopatico può usare il cosmodic ? (Can a heart patient use the cosmodic?)

    • Nell Vasilieva
      30/01/2021 7:39 PM

      Yes, but not directly over the heart. COSMODIC can be placed in the heart projection on the back (over the left scapula) or use over the sternum, on a low energy setting and in short time increments. Particular precautions should be taken if there is a pacemaker present – the device should not be anywhere near the pacemaker since it is a contraindication to any electrotherapy.

  • Anthony Castiglia
    12/01/2020 3:19 PM

    With the Cosmodic which has long electrodes, should they be parallel or perpendicular to the spine? Thank you for the peotocol!!


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