When you realize that you want a SKENAR device, your next decision is to choose a model – and it may not be that easy considering that there are so many SKENARs and SKENAR-type devices on the market, each claiming to be “the one”.

From a get-go, it is important to ensure that you are choosing among “true” SKENARs, because if you end up with a SKENAR-type device that is NOT a genuine SKENAR, you may not get the results you are hoping for. Consider yourself lucky, if you get ANY results.

Here is a short video about the SKENAR clones and SKENAR copycats illustrating the matter (if the term “accommodation” used in the video is a little puzzling, look further down for explanation).

Here are some considerations to keep in mind making your choice.

  • At this point, ALL COSMODIC devices are genuine and true SKENARs (the second generation SKENARs that is). That’s because only LET Medical Research Laboratory in Russia led by the original COSMODIC ® designer Alexander Karasev produces them. No one dares to copy COSMODIC ®. No one has even tried; the technology is way too sophisticated.
  • Don’t fall for cheap devices. True SKENARs are expensive because it takes a lot of time and efforts to fine-tune each individual unit for optimum performance. You can still find genuine Home SKENARs for under $1,000, but beware of $300-$400 USD machines – most likely, they are cheap SKENAR copycats, no matter what they claim to be.
  • If a signal of your device is too sharp and superficial, if the machine “bites” too much and feels rough on a medium or even low energy level, that is NOT a genuine SKENAR. The real SKENAR signal can feel strong too, especially on sensitive parts of the skin or on a moist skin, but it will always “go in” and, if you are attentive, you will feel subtle vibrations underneath the skin surface.
  • All genuine SKENARs produce general effects on the body, even if they are used only locally for pain relief. That is happening due to the SKENAR’s ability to stimulate the autonomic nervous system (especially its C-fibers) efficiently enough for the body to release the body’s “internal pharmacy” of Regulatory Peptides (RP) in large quantities called “effective concentrations”.

The RPs released in effective concentrations will make you sleep better, have more energy, better appetite, better mood, be more productive and creative, and more. If you do not observe any general effects after using your device for a while, it is possible that your device is not a true SKENAR and you can’t expect any profound healing from it, even though you may be getting a temporary pain relief.

  • We adapt to things. The body reacts to all new stimuli, but after a while develops tolerance (accommodates) to the repeated stimulation and does not respond anymore. Long accommodation time is one of the most valuable features of all true SKENARs (and COSMODICs, of course). Their ever-changing signals keep “surprising” the body and motivate it to respond accumulating effective concentrations of RPs with all their beneficial healing effects.

The better the SKENAR the longer the accommodation period (just as Mike Beasley explains it in the video). Hence, if your body develops tolerance to your device’s influence too soon and does not respond to it as it used to, your SKENAR is probably NOT a genuine SKENAR.

In order to avoid the aforementioned disappointments, we strongly recommend buying only SKENARs produced by the original Russian manufacturers.

At this point there are only two of them, both in Russia: OKB RITM ZAO that produces the first generation RITMSKENAR ® devices – and LET Medical Research Laboratory that manufactures the second generation SKENARs (COSMODIC ® and COSMODIC Hybrids).

Everyone else, in Russia and abroad, produces merely SKENAR clones under various names. Some of them work fairly well for acute problems and pain relief, but even the best copy is never as good as the original. Please keep that in mind deciding which SKENAR device is going to become your future Personal Health Assistant. Choose wisely.

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