Let us introduce you to COSMODIC ® – the first energy healing technology that is capable of promoting not only healing but actual REGENERATIONCOSMODIC triggers restoration on a cellular level, making your body even stronger than it was before a disease or injury.

COSMODIC ® is the latest in the evolution of SKENAR technology, which was developed by a brilliant Russian scientist, Dr. Alexander Karasev, in the mid-80s for the Russian Space Research Program. SKENAR was intended to help the Russian cosmonauts maintain their health while in space.

Nowadays dozens of models of devices incorporating this early SKENAR technology are sold all over the world. We call them ‘first-generation SKENARs’. Although they are very effective healing tools, they remain at the same level of technological development as the basic SKENARs of the last century.

The 21st century has brought us the new and very exciting COSMODIC technology, which is also a brainchild of Dr. Alexander Karasev. We call COSMODIC devices the ‘second-generation SKENARs’.

COSMODIC devices, by their very nature, are extremely sophisticated electronic tools. Yet, they are very easy to use: simply apply COSMODIC to the spot that hurts – and leave it there letting it do the job. This way, COSMODIC devices can be easily used by anyone, anywhere, and for virtually anything that needs healing and regeneration.

SKENAR (SKENAR) and COSMODIC are holistic in nature. They are energy-healing technologies that align and strengthen the natural healing system of the human body. In doing this, they promote fast recovery from a wide variety of maladies, from simple colds and bruises to chronic degenerative disorders.

Even though both SKENAR (SKENAR) and COSMODIC devices are, by their very nature, low-frequency electrical stimulators, COSMODIC is a much better listener than SKENAR; it has 46 feedback channels against only 1 channel in the SKENAR. This allows coordination of active impulses of the device with the wide spectrum of the body’s reactions and not just the electrical resistance of skin (impedance).

COSMODIC main features compared


This COSMODIC ability to receive and process large quantities of information from the body determines a new quality of its impulses, which has now become more regulating than stimulating. Multidimensional and rich in information COSMODIC impulses now come in bundles (called adaptive regulatory bundles), which are capable of both stimulating as well as sedating the body processes, thereby, mimicking the functions of the CNS (Central Nervous System).

COSMODIC impulses compared


Instead of challenging the body to respond, as SKENAR does, COSMODIC carefully listens to the body and uses microresonances to tune into and amplify the body’s healing efforts. Unlike SKENAR, which adds to pain’COSMODIC directly adds to healing.

COSMODIC ® works similar to a skillful coach collecting a lot of data, building a mathematical model of the body healing reactions as they are – and as they should be, and then gently and tactfully guiding the body to its best performance in healing and REGENERATION.

It uses both central and local mechanisms to wake up and enhance the inherent capacity of our body to recover and rejuvenate on a cellular level, just like the CNS does. In this process, the body can even become stronger than in its pre-injury or pre-disease state.

In other words, COSMODIC ® is not only a better listener than SKENAR, it is also a better ‘talker’ and a ‘diplomat’ with a very sophisticated signal that is taking healing to a new level helping the body to recover fully, i.e., actually regenerate.

Due to the conceptual differences, the first and the second generation SKENARs (or SKENAR and COSMODIC devices) require different treatment approaches and a different methodology.

COSMODIC technology is represented by a series of energy healing devices, all manufactured by LET Medical research laboratory in Russia led by Dr. Alexander Karasev.

They range from little personal devices, such as the C-DOVE and the COSMODIC 705 to semi-professional and professional models, such as the COSMODIC 715 and EX735Ag. The EX735 model is the latest and the most sophisticated SKENAR on the market today, which combines both COSMODIC technologies in one dual-processor unit.

COSMODIC ® is a really fascinating technology – and really a step towards that famous ‘Star Trek Healing Device’.

The word ‘COSMODIC’ derives from the word ‘COSMOS’, and to us, it makes total sense. Strengthening the healing reactions of the body, re-training adaptation, cleaning cellular memory and reminding the body how to heal and regenerate as it was designed to do – all these restores our connection to the much bigger whole, which we are all a part of.

Cosmos is living and intelligent, and energy healing technologies like SKENAR and COSMODIC heal our self-inflicted separation from it. As we close this gap, all magic and power of the Universe will start working for us creating healing miracles every step of the way. And maybe in this process, we can finally find out what is that we were created for – and what does it mean to be human…

So, get yourself a COSMODIC device – and find out on your own.

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