COSMODIC Therapy ABC: How to Optimize COSMODIC Therapy

Theoretical and Practical Basis for the Increase of Effectiveness of SKENAR therapy

© 1996 by Yuri Gorfinkel, M.D.

Users of our devices already know how effective SKENAR therapy can be, even if you are a novice. Constant education, lectures, practical studies have certainly increased the capabilities of SKENAR practitioners. A SKENAR therapist who is practicing more than a year thinks to have achieved perfection and maximum effectiveness in his work. However, there are also disappointments:

  • Patients who “don’t move”;
  • Patients with unstable treatment results;
  • Slow recovery process;
  • Failure to stop the medication.

This causes the situation when a SKENAR therapist starts ‘to chase nosology’ forgetting about the unity of the human organism.

The objective of this article is to reveal reasons of these ‘failures’ and mark out the ‘Theory of Recovery in Any Case’, irrespective of a type of disease and to offer practical algorithms that would increase the effectiveness of SKENAR therapy.

From a point of view of a SKENAR practitioner, a disease is not a malady but rather an adjustment, an ADAPTIVE REACTION of the body (AR) to the changes in its environment. That is where the classic approach of conventional medicine – ‘war on disease’, is so radically wrong. How can one struggle with his own body, with his own adaptive reaction (which cannot even be called ‘defensive’)?

The capabilities of the human body are boundless, that is why adaptive reactions are so diverse. It is traditionally accepted to consider them ‘diseases’, to struggle with them, to ‘extract’ them from the body, but what for? We can redirect the energy of pathology towards the achievement of ‘peaceful’ goals. In other words, one can be cured at the expense of the energy of his own disease.

Ideally, AR (‘pathologic process’ in conventional medicine) in a perfectly healthy body takes its course fast and almost imperceptibly. It means, the channels of information flow in the body are free and not overloaded. Therefore, the exposure of AR is minimal. The effectiveness is achieved at minimum cost. The slower information has transmitted the longer the time of AR (the more intensive is a pathologic process). What is happening in the human body with a long and intensive AR?

  1. General energy consumption is increasing.
  2. The area of energy concentration is determined.
  3. Beyond the boundaries of this area, the energy supply for the rest of the body is suffering.
  4. The lack of energy negatively affects the flow of information.
  5. That intensifies the AR and an additional consumption of energy and additional concentration of it in one separate part of a system occurs.

That starts a ‘vicious circle’: the effective AR requires energy that has to be taken from the other parts of the body. This, in its order, leads to an AR’s aggravation in time due to the slowing down of the information flow, i.e. to the intensification of the ‘pathologic process’.

A small retreat to remind you the MAIN PRINCIPLES of SKENAR Therapy.

  • The First Principle – as long as the body is alive, it can overcome any malady.

  • The Second Principle – in order to achieve this, the body should not be disturbed (treated in a conventional way).

  • The Third Principle – to speed up the process, we must help the body.

Our objective is to reduce the duration of the AR to a minimum (thus transforming a pathologic process into a ‘symptom-less’ form). How can we achieve it?

  1. Clean the ways of information flow in the body (which will compensate the lack of energy).
  2. Use the ‘hyper-energy’ of a pathologic site for this purpose.
  3. Restore the integrity of information connections in the body (minimizing the outside influences, such as medication).
  4. Restore the interaction between cortex and sub-cortex (consciousness and subconscious), remove psychological stress. An example: relief after the first procedure convinces, “I can recover!”

Having now determined the main points of the ‘theory of recovery”, let’s answer the question: is there a universal way to achieve the stated objectives? You already know the answer – SKENAR!

Let us now look at practical algorithms for increasing the efficiency of SKENAR therapy (naturally adding it to what you already know and can do).

Let us define the chain: Small Asymmetry, Secondary Factors, and The Last Touch.

Small Asymmetry (SA) – this is a skin area within your working space in the process of treatment, which is different from the rest of the skin. For example, redness on the pale background, paleness on the background of hyperemia, a painful spot on the background of normal perception etc. SA is the most easily found, giving a visual effect factor. We call it a ’direct’ factor. It always exists and MUST to be worked on.

Secondary Factors (SF) – small skin areas different from the rest of the skin by certain characteristics that exist regardless if you work in this are or not. They include:

  • The difference in color;
  • Skin perception (itch, pain);
  • Scars;
  • Hypersensitive areas;
  • Small skin tags, erosion, pimples, pigmentation, trophic anomalies.

SF is also a MUST to treat. They are there for a reason and reflect something that is going on inside the body. They can be located anywhere on the body, and you have to choose the ones you want to work on. Preference is made to the symmetric parts of the body, opposite, according to the principle: right-left, up down.

The last Touch (LT)this is a small skin area outside of the treatment zone that is different from the rest of the skin by any characteristics and that appeared in the course of SKENAR therapy from the first session. LT, in the same way as SF, can be very different and located anywhere. LT is a skill of a SKENAR therapist multiplied by his attentiveness and raised to the power of his intuition. It has to reach its maturity, collecting the maximum of distinctive features and disappear together with symptoms and complains. LT is treated up until it disappears completely.

Use the following TIPS in your practice.

  1. If SA, SF or LT are located above the hormonal glands, the effectiveness of SKENAR therapy increases dramatically.
  2. Efficiency also increases with the treatment of zones on a bold skull.
  3. By following all the rules you considerably diminish the possibility of ‘relapses’.
  4. There is nothing impossible.
  5. There are more yet undiscovered effective techniques in SKENAR therapy than those in use.

Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel, M.D.

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