What Is SKENAR and What Is COSMODIC Video Introductions

These two video tutorials present two amazing energy healing technologies – SKENAR and COSMODIC ®.

If you are a SiFi fan like us, then you probably remember the famous Star Trek TV series, the first one.

Have you ever wondered if that ‘Star Trek’ healing device that Dr. MacCoy used, the one that helps the body regenerate in front of your eyes, would be at all possible in real life? And if it would, what could it do for you, your family or your clients?

Just imagine how the small electronic gadget in the palm of your hand – your Personal Health Assistant – can help you get well quickly, painlessly, naturally anywhere – on a sports field, on a plane, in your office, or even in your favorite coach. Let us tell you: it’s real today. The prototype of such device already exists.

It was born in the mid-80s in the secret labs of the Russian Space Research Program to help cosmonauts maintain their health while in space. This ‘universal healing device’ was designed by a brilliant Russian scientist, Dr. Alexander Karasev and his team, and it was named SKENAR, which stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator.

Now this name is used for both – healing technology and a family of devices. The original SKENAR devices are called ‘the first-generation SKENARs’.

The evolution of SKENAR technology in the last decade has brought us a new development – COSMODIC ® technology, also a brainchild of Dr. Alexander Karasev. We call COSMODIC devices ‘the second-generation SKENARs’.

Both SKENAR (SKENAR) and COSMODIC, in essence, are Universal Regulators of Bodily Functions. They are holistic in nature; they are energy and informational technologies that jump-start and strengthen the natural healing system of the human body. In doing this, they promote efficient and lasting pain relief, rejuvenation, and fast recovery from a wide variety of disorders ranging from simple colds and bruises to some chronic degenerative conditions.

Well, it may not be as fast as the Star Trek device, yet, it is quick, efficient, safe, and painless – so that your body can heal as if nothing has ever happened.

SKENAR therapy and COSMODIC therapy will:

  • clean the body’s ‘computer’ organizing and systematizing programs, just like a registry cleaner for the body;
  • reorganize the body’s energy resources and direct them to the needed areas;
  • break the old ‘energy cysts’ and jump-start REGENERATION programs.

How can SKENAR and COSMODIC ® do that?

These devices are low-frequency adaptive electrical stimulators with two unique features:

  • The shape of the electrical impulse that resembles a natural neuro-impulse and allows SKENARs to TALK to the body.
  • The BIOFEEDBACK feature that determines the SKENAR’s ability to HEAR the body.

But if SKENAR listens to the body only on 1 channel, COSMODIC listens on 46 channels. It collects a lot of data and then builds a mathematical model of the body’s healing reactions gently and tactfully, guiding the body to its best performance in healing and regeneration, like a skillful coach.

Unlike SKENAR device, which challenges the body to respond and trigger the pain relief effect by ‘adding to pain’, COSMODICadds to healing’, carefully listening to the body and using micro-resonances to tune into and amplify the body’s healing efforts. COSMODIC awakens and enhances the inherent capacity of the body to recover and rejuvenate on a cellular level. It is even capable of determining the exact moment when cells switch to the regeneration mode.

In other words, not only is COSMODIC a better listener than SKENAR, it is also a much better ‘talker’; it is a ‘diplomat’ with a very sophisticated signal that is taking healing to a new level and helping the body not just recover forming a scar, but heal fully, i.e., actually regenerate.

If SKENAR can make your pain go away and help you heal like nothing ever happened, COSMODIC ® can make your body even stronger than it was before the disease or injury that had occurred.

SKENAR devices and COSMODIC devices, by their very nature, are extremely sophisticated electronic tools and yet they are very easy to operate, user-friendly, and can be comfortably used by anyone, anywhere, and for virtually anything that needs healing and regeneration.

To find out more on how the famous ‘Star Trek healing device’ is becoming a reality, watch the videos above.

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COSMODIC Therapy ABC: How The Healing Triangle Works

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