SKENAR Therapy: Healing Interactions

SKENAR Therapy is different from most other therapies that usually include “Client-Practitioner” interactions. During a SKENAR session, THREE systems come together:

  • a Client (incoherent at the moment due to a disease),
  • a Therapist (a stronger, more coherent system), and
  • a SKENAR device (functioning as a living system when in contact with the body).

These three components form a Healing Triangle – a new functional system united by the same goal of establishing a higher coherence level for the unit as a whole, as well as for each of its parts.

In the process of interactions within the triangle, the SKENAR device becomes an extension of a therapist, providing for a two-way communication with the client on a physical level. At the same time, the SKENAR therapist establishes a mental/emotional and a spiritual connection with the client, ‘mirroring’ the weaker system on all levels in order to strengthen the triangle.

Particularities of the functioning of the Healing Triangle require each part taking an active role in healing.

That means that the CLIENT has to come out of the standard ‘receiving mode’ and become an active participant in therapy. The client’s belief system, his power of intent, his understanding of the healing dynamics become crucial factors in the success of therapy.

Taking responsibility for his own health, the client takes back the power given away with the attitude ‘Here I am with my disease. Heal me!

  • The client needs to understand that healing comes from within and that health cannot be granted.
  • He has to have a wish to become healthy.
  • He has to believe that there is no limit to healing and there are no hopeless health situations.
  • He has to get rid of fear and trust in himself, in the therapist and in the device as his teammates.

The client’s positive attitude and active position determine the success of the Healing Triangle.

In SKENAR therapy, the client is the one who leads the Triangle. He needs to carefully watch his healing dynamics and communicate any and all changes to the therapist. The dynamics of his complaints and functions determines the treatment tactics.

It is impossible to predict the course of a healing process in each particular case; it depends on too many factors. The disease has to live its life through. This life is unique and only the client knows what it’s like.

That’s why there are no universal recipes in SKENAR therapy. Time and place of the therapeutic influence are determined ‘here and now’, following the dynamics of complaints and functions – and the client is the ultimate source of this information.

At the same time, it is up to the THERAPIST to determine the type of therapeutic influence and choose the appropriate SKENAR method or technique. There are no two identical SKENAR sessions. Each SKENAR session is a creative act, which always reflects the personality of a creator. The SKENAR device becomes an extension of a practitioner, amplifying his/her healing powers. As a more coherent system, the therapist brings into the Triangle high vibrations of unconditional love, understanding, and empathy. Multiplied by the skill and knowledge, this combination supports the dynamics of the Healing Triangle ensuring it achieves its goal.

The SKENAR device makes the Triangle possible. It becomes the third equal element of it, a coherent system in a dialogue with the client’s body – and a connector between the client and the therapist on a physical level. It breaks the stability of unhealthy order in the client’s system, providing for the establishment of a new, more coherent order. The new order is determined by the body’s intelligence and supported by both the therapist and the SKENAR device. Constantly receiving feedback during interactions within the Triangle, the client’s system attunes itself to the vibrations of healthy order.

The Healing Triangle achieves the higher level of coherency – and all its elements will keep this state even after they separate.

It is the Nature’s way of keeping harmony and balance in the Universe, which you now can consciously support and enhance with this amazing tool in your hand – the SKENAR.

Let SKENAR be your assistant in fulfilling your desire of making this world a better place.

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