Popular COSMODIC Protocols: “Pirogov’s Ring” Technique

Popular COSMODIC Protocols: “Pirogov’s Ring” Technique

“Pirogov’s Ring” is one of the most powerful SKENAR techniques to influence the Immune System eliciting the Relaxation Response at the same time. It came from the classical Russian SKENAR school and is named after a prominent Russian scientist of the 19th century and a famous surgeon Nikolay Pirogov.

The “Pirogov’s Ring” is invaluable when you are getting flu, cold, or a sore throat – or in any situation requiring a boost of immunity.

According to European SKENAR therapists, it is also very helpful for:

  • reducing any acute or chronic stress (it directly stimulates the Vagus nerve thus waking up the suppressed Parasympathetic Nervous System with its healing “Rest-and-Digest” or Relaxation Response);
  • improving cranial blood circulation and balancing blood pressure (due to its influence on carotid arteries and surrounding structures);
  • balancing the thyroid function (performing the technique, you will be going directly over the thyroid – make sure you are not STOPPING over the gland, in order to avoid over-stimulation).

The “Pirogov’s Ring” can be performed with either a SKENAR or COSMODIC (ENS) device, and you can perform it on a client or on yourself equally effectively.

That’s what you do.

  • For the first generation SKENAR device, use the Swing modes (or any other setting that give you the maximum variety of impulses).  For a COSMODIC device, use the MYO mode (if it has one). Otherwise, leave it on Auto. Set the comfortable energy level.
  • “Upper circle”. Place your device perpendicular (under 90 degrees) to the spine in the neck area right above the C7. Keep it in a steady position for 30 sec.
  • Start very slowly moving the device (keeping it horizontally) around the neck WITHOUT detaching it from the skin until it reaches the starting position on the spine again. Keep the device steady on that point for 30 sec.
  • Start moving the device around the neck again, but this time in the opposite direction. These two movements (clockwise – counterclockwise or the other way) are considered one cycle (blue arrows). Typically, you want at least 5-7 cycles per session, but it can be more. Use your best judgment.
  • “Lower circle”. Now put your device on the suprasternal notch for 30 sec. – and repeat the entire process from here for 5-7 cycles moving your device horizontally along the very bottom of the neck (green arrows). The Suprasternal notch is an opposite symmetry to the C7.

Now that you know how to perform the “Pirogov’s Ring” – please remember to do it. This seemingly simple technique is very powerful and has multiple applications. And, if you are still not sure if you are doing it right, we hope that the video below will make it more clear.

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