Even though the SKENAR and COSMODIC technologies have been around for more than 30 years and by now have a proven record of high efficiency and amazing regenerative powers, they are still very much an enigma. No one actually knows exactly how SKENAR and, especially, COSMODIC work – and their creator Dr. Alexander Karasev from LET Medical Research Laboratory in Russia is not forthcoming with explanations. Maybe that’s because the world is not ready for his explanations…

In the latest interview, Dr. Karasev opened up a veil of mystery just a bit though and explained something that he never talked about before. Namely, the basic (VERY basic) physics behind SKENAR and COSMODIC, which turned out to be quite different from what one would expect from an electro-stem device…

As it appears, COSMODIC in LET Medical devices (second generation COSMODIC) do not work with just “classical” electricity, as the movement of charges along a conductor. They also work with what is called the “spin electricity”!

This much less known type of electricity is the one that actually allows instant communication between the body and the device and explains such well known in SKENAR therapy phenomena as “stickiness” (or “magnetic pull”) or a sound change in the area of Small Asymmetry.

(NOTE: “spin electricity” is not a very accurate term, but at this point, science does not have anything better to describe this phenomenon.)

Apparently, the spin electricity plays a major role in the internal body communication and, consequently, largely influences our adaptation and regeneration powers – and LET Medical builds their devices the way that they can tap into this huge potential.

However, we would rather let you listen to Dr. Karasev himself.

Alexander Karasev on COSMODIC

Q:  When you made your first SKENAR about 30 years ago, it looked very different from these wonderful devices that you are making now. However, your newest device that you are developing now is called the same name as one of the oldest devices – ENS. Why? Is it a new turn of evolution spiral of SKENAR on another quality level or something else?

A: Well, not 30 actually, but 44 years ago. The successful commercial device ENS-03, however, was really created 33 years ago, and it was so perfect for that time that it has become an ancestor for all Scenar-type devices currently produced in the world. All motions of life, of a man and his knowledge can be described through turns of a spiral. 33 years later, in our newest device we are creating yet another perfection, but for our time.

Q:  How many models of COSMODIC have you designed?

A: It is impossible to give a simple arithmetical answer. Every model that we release to the market requires minimum 7-8 years of hard work, without any days off. We design hundreds of intermediate models and test everything. I will explain later what we are aiming at and, to be able to achieve that, even the placement of radioelements on the circuit board matters a lot. If you shift them even for 1 mm, the entire effect can be lost and the device will become just another ordinary painkiller.

Q:  Which models have withstood the test of time?

A: All models that you can see on our websites – these are the very few that have withstood the test of time. We try not to show all titanic work that has been put in the design of intermediate models.

Q:  And which devices are you using at home, for your family?

A: That’s a dead-end question, since I don’t use any devices at home. I have enough of them at work; at home I rest from them. And the family uses what is left or available. I honestly try not to break the rule “the shoemaker’s wife is the worst shod”.

Q:  What are the biggest advantages and shortcomings of your devices, from your point of view?

A: First, the shortcomings. The devices are being improved nearly daily, and this is the biggest challenge considering the stagnant certification system, where one drug is tested for 20 years – and when it becomes useless, it is being produced for the next 20 years.

The most pleasing advantage of my devices is that many people try to replicate something from them. Unfortunately, they have copied what has been created 20 years ago, due to the same reason – certification problems.

Q:  What way does SKENAR evolution go? How do you see SKENAR world in 5 year? 10 years?

A: My SKENAR-035 has become a prototype of all Scenar devices being produced now merely because of its mass production. And… nothing after that. All they could do during the last 26 years was simply a “makeup”, mostly just changing the outer shell. I can say with confidence that not much will change in 5 or 10 years either, unless someone will undertake a risk to implement my new developments in mass production. In our R&D work we are not 5 or even 10 years ahead, but much further. And we shall continue moving forward. Someone has to do it. What we are developing now, we shall see in small serial productions in 5 years. This will be the answer.

Q:  You are a man of purpose. What is the purpose and who will continue your work?

A: In order to understand “the purpose” a bit of explanation is needed of what we are doing, where are SKENAR and COSMODIC, and what we are striving for.

The mechanism of human fast response to stimuli as of today still doesn’t have any comprehensive explanation. The signal transmission from one neuron to another is quite slow, and there are a large number of neurons on the way, but the response of our body to any external influence is nearly instant.

It prompts us to think that such response is the result of not merely the movement of electrical signal along the nerve fibers. This is not electricity, as we usually understand it – a movement of electrons along a conductor. Such movement requires quite a lot of energy, but in reality the body spends much less. The general effect of electrical current on the human body is known for a long time and manifests as the twitching reaction of the entire body. Therefore, we have to admit the existence of one more type of electrical action – vacuum polarization. That is the type we are attempting to use in our devices.

For the body our device is like a big inductance coil connected to a capacitor composed of the electrodes and the skin surface.

When a variable electrical field is supplied to the coil, the skin surface charges and recharges like a capacitor consisting of the electrode and the skin. During that process, part of the energy is carried along the wire by vacuum polarization (by electron spin rotation) and not exclusively by movement of electrons along the wire. In this case a human body acts as a conductor.

Part of charge and discharge of the capacitor “electrode-skin” occurs due to free electrons gaining opposite magnetic polarity – mainly, the electrons in the electrode material. That is why we use in our electrodes predominantly highly conductive noble metals that contain large amounts of free electrons.

Thus, the “electrode-skin” capacitor is being charged not only by opposite electrical polarity, but also by opposite magnetic polarity. This process is nearly instant – instant influence of the rotating wave of ethereal medium polarization. It’s like the “domino effect”.

In this case there is no directed motion of electrons, therefore there is no resistance to motion, and we can achieve the same effect of fast response as in the body. Such influence will be absolutely physiological, absolutely natural to the body.

The same way the device electrode attracts to the skin. It is due to their opposite magnetic polarization, but not electrical (the well known in SKENAR therapy “magnetic pull”). This also explains the “sound of the skin” when you move electrodes over the skin surface.

The main problem in the system “device-electrode-skin” is that the dominating action is still traditional electricity where electrons move. This causes defense reaction in the body and dramatically decreases the efficiency of our action.

As of today, there are no physical principles that would allow achieving the “clear spin electricity” as we have it in the human bodies. And attaining this is our main goal.

Q: Will we have the Star Trek device one day? And if yes, what is needed for that?

A: Now we can answer a question about the Star Trek device. Of course, it is possible to create such device, but not within the bounds of modern knowledge and canons of physics.

We need to get rid of all stereotypes. They chain our minds preventing us from accepting and understanding even the things that we see with our own eyes. What we see is wonderful healing with our SKENARs, and even more dramatic results with our COSMODIC devices. However, these results are being ignored officially for already four decades. We are forced to call and certify our devices as “pain-relief” only. As opposed to “remedies” that supposedly treat us, which in reality are poisonous chemicals that we are forced to consume by kilograms. Nothing personal, just business.

I think the time for such inventions hasn’t come yet. Read “A Billion Years Before the End of the World” by Arkadiy and Boris Strugatzky.

Q: What is your Big Dream?

A: I have never thought about it. There is an old popular Russian song of 1970-s. Here is the first verse:

Once upon a time there lived me.
(Does it really matter?)
Storm beat against the pier.
(I was young and sweet…)
Fleet sailed to the port.
(With a winning ticket
Once upon a time there lived me.)
I remember that I did…

And as for the question who is going to continue my work… It’s not a secret for a long time – my sons! And the result of their work is the newest COSMODIC device, ENS, which will soon be released to the world.

P.S. As usual, the most interesting thing hasn’t been asked about…

So here you have it, one of the main secrets behind LET Medical SKENAR and COSMODIC, on the cutting edge of the contemporary science of physics.

“One of the secrets” – it’s because there is more. It’s just that Alexander Karasev is not telling more, at this point. He, however, promised to go into more details about the spin electricity component of his devices, because the above “interview-style” explanation is way too simplistic and primitive; there is much more to the process that it has been said.

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