How COSMODIC Therapy Sees Dis-ease

SKENAR therapy and COSMODIC therapy are holistic practices. And as such, they view disease not as an enemy that needs to be killed, but rather as a very natural and necessary for the growth and development process that trains the body to survive in its ever-changing and often hostile environment. Just as in the famous expression “Love your disease, it’s keeping you healthy”.

Furthermore, dis-ease in SKENAR therapy is viewed as an inadequate adaptive reaction of the body.

Any living system responds (adapts) to the ever-changing outside world striving to keep the constancy of its internal environment (homeostasis) and the state of COHERENCE, which equals HEALTH.

We live in a challenging environment, and adaptation is not always easy. Yet, we are powerful self-controlling and self-regulating systems; we manage. We adapt – and grow and mature in the process. When one cycle of adaptation (adaptive reaction) gets completed, the program disintegrates – and we move on, ready to meet another challenge with all our might.

Fig. A – Quick Adaptation = HEALTH

In a well-tuned healthy body, adaptive reactions are instant and unnoticeable, with minimum time and energy expenditures on completing the quick cycle that starts and ends at “0” point (Fig. A).

However, if adaptive reactions, due to a disorder in self-regulation, do not have an adequate measure of reaction, we experience dis-ease or uneasiness to adapt.

The inadequacy of adaptive mechanisms in most cases is caused by improper work of the body programs. If there is a delay in the transmission of information within the body, the adaptive reaction will be difficult and, therefore, slow. Each step of the adaptive program will take MORE time and MORE energy (a larger cycle), thus becoming quite perceivable. That’s what we call it “symptoms”. As a rule, the slower the adaptive reaction, the stronger the symptoms.

Fig. B – Slow Adaptation = ACUTE Dis-ease

If dis-ease occurs, there are usually two main scenarios.

In many situations, the body will still be able to finalize the adaptive reaction and bring it to the “0” point of the cycle in the process of recovery from an ACUTE disease (Fig. B). It will take some time and effort and endure some unpleasant symptoms, but the disease will live its life through and its program will be eliminated from the body.

(Please note that the “0” point at the beginning and at the end of the cycle are different. The system reorganized, matured, and evolved in the process of dealing with the challenge – hence, the end “0” point is on a different level, like in a 3D spiral.)

Fig. C – Blocked Adaptation = CHRONIC Dis-ease

Sometimes, however, if the body’s energo-informational matrix is seriously damaged, the adaptive reaction cannot be completed at all (Fig. C).

That’s the CHRONIC disease scenario. The body is stuck somewhere on a healing cycle at a ‘dead point’, which it cannot pass no matter how often and how hard it tries (and it usually tries whenever it has a little more energy – we call it a relapse).

No matter what the scenario though what logically follows from the above is that instead of declaring a “war on disease” and fighting it tooth and nail, as biomedicine does, WE SHOULD HELP DIS-EASE. Help the body complete its adaptive reaction in the most efficient way possible – and the dis-ease will be no more because there is no more need for it. The program is completed.

That’s what we do with our amazing SKENAR and COSMODIC devices. We are going with a client step-by-step through the entire cycle of his/her disease speeding up adaptive reactions every chance we have until the disease program is completed.

Isn’t it more logical and sensible to GO ALONG with the body helping it than fighting the body’s innate wisdom in handling the dis-ease?

COSMODIC Therapy: Individual Results – Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel
A. Karasev on SKENAR evolution: TENS, SKENAR, COSMODIC

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