COSMODIC Therapy: Individual Results – Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel



Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel (left) and Dr. Alexander Revenko (right).

The name of Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel is well known to any SKENAR practitioner anywhere in the world. To many of them he was a teacher, to a few he was a friend. Dr. Yuri is a legend of SKENAR therapy and still ‘the best of the best’ SKENAR practitioner and trainer. And if we consider SKENAR therapy a living system, from the very beginning Dr. Yuri was its heart and soul.

Information that you find below represents a summary of Dr. Yuri’s individual therapeutic results as a SKENAR Specialist as he personally put it together in January 1998 during the First International SKENAR Training program in the Bahamas, 2.5 months before his untimely death.

These results are certainly not typical and cannot be considered ‘average’. There was nothing average about Dr. Yuri, who was bigger than life in everything, including his SKENAR practice.

Nevertheless, his individual experiences can serve as GUIDELINES for those who now follow his footsteps; as an attainable goal to work towards perfecting your SKENAR skills.

This dedication has opened the 4th digest “SKENAR therapy and SKENAR assessment” released in 1998 in Russia.

Gorfinkel Yuri Victorovich, 1961-1998

On the 13 April 1998, on the 37th year of his life, death picked out the best.

Y.V.Gorfinkel – one of the founders of SKENAR therapy, has left this world. He was born on 22nd July 1961. After graduation in 1984 at Rostov State Medical Institute (Rostov city), he has been working as a medical doctor, on call for the emergency services. In June – December 1986 he took part in the liquidating of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

In 1988 he joined the Special Design Bureau “RITM” as a SKENAR therapist. In 1994 he became a consultant and a trainer for SDB and one of the founders of SKENAR therapy schools.

Yuri Gorfinkel lived a short, but bright life. Being introduced to SKENAR therapy in 1986, he instantly recognized the great potential of this new science. He took part in the development of the methodology of SKENAR as well as device design. One of the modifications of the SKENAR was called 035-G. Y.V.Gorfinkel was an initiator of the development of one of the versions of SKENAR – the “Prologue” device.

Yuri Gorfinkel was a pioneer in the application of SKENAR in emergency medicine, the author of the methods of the device use in a subjective mode, the use of small asymmetry, secondary factors, “the last feature” and various other approaches. The idea of “SKENAR-vaccination” and many other original ideas belong to him.

Yuri Gorfinkel’s involvement in the creation of a new direction of traditional medicine – SKENAR therapy is unquestionable, and hundreds of followers throughout the whole Russia and abroad are carrying on his noble work.

A bright memory of Yuri Victorovich Gorfinkel will live in our hearts forever.


Diagnosis# of # ofTimenosignific.moder.slightno
Diseases and Traumas of the Locomotory System
Arthropathies (arthritis, arthrosis etc.)123815257532801146130
Dorsopathies (deformations, spondilosis etc.)23521015204625235172
Neuralgia (cervicalgia, sciatica, lumbago etc.)60561058217600
Strain of ligament1088151080000
Superficial injury of soft tissues3254203250000
Unknown pain (soft tissues & bones)321510281111
Diseases of the Ear
Otitis1447 in 2-3 days101440000
Hearing loss8515 and 15206811402
Abnormal auditory perception1161520984248
Diseases of the Circulatory System
Transient dystonia of blood vessels68214156143810128
Essential hypertension31815252611322814
Angina pectoris22815 and 15201384281327
Acute miocardial Infurction311 to 1030224311
Sudden cardiac arrest16110120004
Acute heart failure48125470001
Ischemic cardiomyopathy9215 and 15202684144
Cardialgia NOS1041015991112
Diseases of the Respiratory System
Acute nasopharingitis (common cold)60810-12 in 2 days76016001
Acute upper respiratory viral infection34510-12 in 2 days73450000
Influenza10415 in 4 days101040000
Acute tonsillitis & pharingitis3286 in 1 day1031414000
Acute sinusitis22110 in 2 days72183000
Acute laringitis & tracheitis402101038018202
Acute bronchitis6151520562241577
Asthma8220 and 203031152277
Acute respiratory failure15130140001
Acute oedema of lung12160110001
Diagnosis# of# ofTimenosignific.moder.slightno
Diseases of the Digestive System
Gastritis & Doudenitis1018710100212112
Gastric & Duodenal Ulcers34115152881326212
Enteritis (mainly, noninfective)1826201820000
Hepatitis, hepatic failure481010470001
Pancreatitis (acute & chronic)63710630000
Diseases of the Urinary System & Male Genital Organs
Pyelonephritis (acute & chronic)40215203844734
Urinary calculus16120301407653
Prostatitis (acute & chronic)60515206013001
Hyperplasia of prostate882020637387
Male infertility6220204400018
Impotence (mostly, psychogenic)3221520260140048
Disorders of the Female Genital Tract
Benign mammary displasia (mastopathy)26420 and 2020220716318
Acute mastitis886-7 in 2 days15880000
Salpingitis & ooforitis60815206041111
Fibromyoma of uterus20120 and 20301163821323
Erosion of cervix uteri12010201190001
Dysmenorrhoea, disorders of menstrual cycle18030 and 30301123012026
Female infertility8630 and 30306300023
GRAND TOTAL18,25516,1751,116423197344

P.S. Unfortunately, Dr. Yuri’s list has not been completed and did not include some important areas of his experience in SKENAR therapy where Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel also had excellent results, such as diseases of the nervous system, eye and skin diseases, dental diseases and oncology, as well as endocrine and metabolic diseases, immune and mental disorders etc. However, lack of this information cannot affect the obvious general trends and a picture of personal experience any health professional would dream to achieve.


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