COSMODIC Therapy ABC: Protection for SKENAR Therapists

‘Energy Cleanse’ for a SKENAR Therapist

When you just begin professionally working with the SKENAR on a regular basis, it often happens that you start manifesting symptoms of your patients. It is a well-known phenomenon that can be more or less expressed but cannot be completely avoided. After all, this is the nature of this therapy – free flow of energy and information between two systems.

If at the beginning of your SKENAR practice you are strong and well balanced, this energy and information transfer usually does not affect you to the extent of manifesting symptoms. You may feel tired for a while and low on energy because your system is learning how to deal with the massive ‘information intake’. It is, however, transitory and usually does not last more than a week. After that, your system learns to maintain the balance (unless the impact is too strong – then follow the recommendations below).

Of course, this is providing that your system is strong and healthy. If it is not, then the old principle ‘physician, heal thyself’ has to be applied, otherwise, you may start feeling your patients’ symptoms indeed. It is not going to be as intensive as your patients have it but can be quite unpleasant still.

To minimize the impact:

  • make sure that you are well rested and in a good mood before the treatment begins,
  • do not take a client if you do not like him/her,
  • do not spend more than 45min-1 hour on a treatment,
  • wash your hands under the running water after every session,
  • look at yourself in a mirror for 1-2 min., and
  • use theSKENAR Energy Cleanse’ Technique at the end of the day.


That’s how you do the Energy Cleanse: run the SKENAR 5-7 times along the spinal column from C1 to the coccyx, electrode perpendicular to the spine, slowly, without detaching the machine from the skin, and on well above threshold energy level – it is painful but very effective. The skin on your back needs to turn red in one or more areas in each of the segments of the spinal column: cervical, thoracic, lumber, and sacral sections.

The Energy Cleanse Technique is difficult to perform on yourself; it is better to ask someone to help you.

There are other little things that every energy worker does to stay balanced, most of them specific to every practitioner, but the mentioned should be enough to start.

It also needs to be mentioned that all professional COSMODIC ® devices (such as the EX735Ag series) contain a special “energy mirror” protecting a practitioner from picking up the client’s incoherence and scrambled frequencies.

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