Alexander Karasev on “Active” SKENAR and “Active” COSMODIC

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“Active” technologies of treatment (“active” SKENAR and “active” COSMODIC) are only yet implemented in our latest professional devices — EX735 (including the EX735 Sliders & ENS).

In the previous generations of devices, COSMODIC technologies are “passive”. What does it mean? Every subsequent impulse is formed on the basis of analysis of body reaction to the previous acting impulse.

You can compare it to pushing the ball along the trampled down field — the ball will roll where it “wants” — into the nearest pit, for example. We can only give directions to the movement of the ball. It is the same with our body — you will only recover after you “push” the body forward to the “final destination point”. That is why we need many sessions, to “push” the body and help it “move” in right direction, as it is like a ball — can “roll off” to the side, in the direction of the nearest “pit”. That is the reason you cannot achieve the desired result quickly.

With the “passive” COSMODIC technology, when we act on the body, we receive information of after-effect of the impulse. This information is used to form the subsequent impulse, etc. In other words, the information received from after-effect of the previous impulse is used to create the next impulse.

This way we are always one step behind.

With the “active” technology, analysis of dynamics of changes of the body is based on a reaction of the body upon several initial acting impulses. Knowing the dynamics, it is possible to make a forecast and make corrections into acting impulses, creating this way a “future” impulse. In other words, next impulses are formed not on the basis of body reaction to the previous impulse, but on the basis of extrapolation of the previous reactions.

This means, that now we are not “pushing” the ball, but take it in our hands and carry some distance forward, in the direction of “final destination point”. Sometimes we need to carry it several times — from one point to another (if the ball is too heavy or we have a long way to go), sometimes we can do it one time — carry the ball from point A to point B. Thanks to such “active” technology, we can achieve the desired results of treatment much quicker.

With the “active” SKENAR or COSMODIC technology, the next impulse is formed on the basis of extrapolation of the body reaction to the several previous impulses, creating “future” impulse.

This way we may be several steps ahead.

COSMODIC ® is only the beginning…

A. A. Karasev

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