COSMODIC electrodes – silver, copper, or stainless steel?

Copper, silver, and gold are called the currency metals since they have been used in coins since the beginning of money. They are also called noble metals, and all others base metals. They are the royal family of the periodic table, family IB. Their alchemical symbols are the signs of three brightest planets, the Sun, the Moon, and Venus; their colors yellow, white and red. Read much more about these noble metals HERE

How important is the material of the COSMODIC devices built-in electrodes for the efficiency of the device? Are the silver electrodes worth their substantial price? Why copper – and is it really better that the stainless steel? Is there a “gold” option?

These (and many other similar) questions we hear again and again when people are choosing their future Personal Health Assistant.

Indeed, these days we have choices. While the first generation SKENAR and some simple COSMODIC devices are traditionally manufactured with stainless steel electrodes (non-detachable), high-end COSMODIC devices from LET Medical offer a variety of electrode materials, and their built-in electrodes are typically detachable. You can have copper, silver, or even gold (on a VERY rare occasion), and you can have more than one set of electrodes and change them depending on the situation.

The material of the built-in electrodes considerably affects the price of the device. So how do you choose?

While, as always, the ultimate choice depends on a personal preference, we can offer you some general considerations to take into account when you are making your selection. We hope this will help you make an informed decision rather than go with your “gut feeling” (which is also often valid, but not always reliable).

NOTE: we are NOT offering you the GOLD electrodes as an option. Besides the fact that they are insanely expensive and practically double the price of the top-of-the-line LET Medical scenars, the gold electrodes can be purchased only inside Russia. That amount of gold is very difficult, if at all possible, to export.

There are 3 MAIN CRITERIA for selection of the electrode material, from our point of view.

  • Electrical CONDUCTIVITY. The more conductive is the metal of the electrodes the faster and easier will be the signal transmission and the less distortion the signal will experience. While it is not that important in the first generation SKENARs, it is paramount for COSMODIC devices with their sophisticated “adaptive regulatory bundles” of impulses and finely tuned electronic components.

    The most effective conductors of electricity are metals that have a single valence electron in the outer shell of an atom that is free to move about and that causes a strong repelling reaction in other electrons. This is the case in the most conductive metals, such as silver, gold, and copper, who each have a single valence electron that moves with little resistance and causes a strong repelling reaction. Out of the three, the silver is the most conductive (6.30×107 S/m, or siemens per meter, at 20 degrees Celsius) followed by copper (5.98×107 S/m) and gold (5.80×107 S/m). The less contaminated is the metal the more conductive it is. Metal alloys, such as stainless steel, are much less conductive.

  • Electrode metal as an ELECTRON DONOR. The flow of electrons, the negatively charged elementary particles, can do wonders for the energetics of the underlying tissue, bringing back to life starving, polluted, and choking cells suffering from oxidative stress. All metals are electron donors, but more conductive metals “donate” better than others, since they have loosely held valence electrons that move easily. And, of course, pure metals (such as silver, copper, or gold) are much more effective electron donors that metal alloys (such as stainless steel).

  • Additional HEALING QUALITIES. Some metals are known to beneficially affect biological objects, and they do it in different ways. So depending on a condition you want to treat, one metal may be more advantageous for you than the other.

    SILVER is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic qualities. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria, which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics. Adding pure silver to the body terrain substantially increases the body’s ability to fight infection and reduce inflammation, thus improving the course of many chronic diseases and preventing the development of new ones, including as serious as cancer.

    COPPER is a vital microelement. Most of it can be found in liver, brain, heart, kidneys and skeletal muscles. Copper plays an important role in supporting collagen and elastin functions — the main structural components of our body. Lack of copper can lead to weakness and deficiency of these components. Copper enhances resistibility of our body to infections. When we catch an infection or get inflammation, our body produces two ferments containing copper: ceruloplasmin and superoxide dismutase.

    GOLD is a biologically inert metal. The fact that gold produces a beneficial effect on the body is known for a long time. However, it is only recently that scientists could explain them. Latest research shows that gold significantly increases the ability of the skin to absorb and preserve moisture, promotes self-regeneration, and slows down the aging of the skin. It improves circulation of blood and lymph, produces tonifying effect, and stimulates metabolic processes.

What follows from the above is that, undoubtedly, silver or copper electrodes are much preferable to the stainless steel ones. That’s why LET Medical uses only pure metals in their top models.

(NOTE: Even when LET Medical is using stainless steel for their electrodes, it is not your usual steel but a special one that has a pyramidal structure. An important peculiarity of such kind of steel is that chrome does not penetrate into the skin due to electrolysis process occurring during action.)

And, if you are debating between the models that can be either stainless steel or silver (such as the 705Fe vs 705Ag or VX735 vs VX735Ag), please consider investing a little more, but getting a device which healing properties are much enhanced with its silver electrodes.

Copper “ski” electrodes

Now, for the top LET Medical COSMODIC devices with the detachable “ski” electrodes, such as the EX735 Slider x2, x3, or ENS: SILVER or COPPER?

These metals are both highly conductive, both good electron donors, and both have additional healing properties (even though slightly different). Besides, LET Medical uses only metals of the highest possible quality:

  • a special M00 grade chemically pure copper (99,95% pure) that is manufactured in a vacuum without any oxygenation and does not contain any other polluting elements;
  • pure silver, or fine silver with a millesimal fineness of approximately 995, which contains 99.5% silver with the balance being trace amounts of impurities in the form of natural trace elements. You probably don’t know it, but LET Medical goes into great length in order to obtain silver that is “native” (as close to the silver found in nature as possible, in order to preserve the natural structure of the metal). That silver comes directly from silver mines and represents a result of the first, original refining, without the repeated melting.

The purity of metals ensures their very high conductivity and transmission of the fragile COSMODIC signal with minimum distortion.

With all these similarities, the difference in price between copper and silver electrodes is quite substantial. And there is a reason to it, besides the obvious difference in the general market price of copper and silver.

LET Medical’s silver electrodes are made according to a special proprietary technology, which allows maintaining the natural structure of silver. Preserving that structure is extremely important because it naturally contains the elements of sacred geometry and determines many legendary qualities of silver known through the ages. The heating and melting processes, while purifying the metal, destroy that sacred structure.

The phenomenon is well known to professional silversmiths, who do not shape the metal while it is softened with heat but work it at room temperature with gentle and carefully placed hammer blows. The very essence of silversmithing is to transform a piece of flat metal into a useful object with hammers, stakes, and other simple tools. Following that tradition, LET Medical never melts their silver but makes the silver “ski” electrodes through a special method that uses only mechanical tools.

The entire process of the silver electrodes manufacturing is further complicated by the need to make a very soft natural silver harder. While it is usually achieved through adding other elements to the silver, it is not an option if one wants to preserve the “nativity” of the metal. Hence, LET Medical employs a long and exhausting process of mechanical hardening and polishing (the name of it I could not translate – it involves repeatedly putting the “skies” in a rotating vessel containing a sand-like substance over a period of several days). Overall, manufacturing the “silver ski” COSMODIC electrodes takes 1,2 – 2 weeks (!).

This demanding process, however, pays off, because the preserved natural structure of silver provides additional and unique healing effect that cannot be found anywhere else and, combined with the healing qualities of a pure COSMODIC signal, substantially increases the regenerative potential of the technology.

All in all, yes, we believe that LET Medical silver electrodes are well worth their high price, but the copper electrodes are the second best thing being at the same time a quite economical option.

We hope our brief explanations will help you in making a choice that is right FOR YOU. And, if you have an eye on the EX735 Slider x2, x3, or ENS and can’t decide between silver and copper electrodes (Ag or Cu) – get a set of each! Switching the detachable electrodes is a really simple procedure, and you will have the best of both worlds.

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