Did you know that SKENAR and, especially, COSMODIC are capable of bringing up and cleansing you from ‘negative energy’ that we can potentially pick up from negative people in our surrounding?

We are using the term ‘negative energy’ very loosely, because energy cannot be negative or positive. Energy is just energy; it is neutral by nature. However, the way energy is organized or used makes a difference – and when we say ‘negative energy’, we usually mean that it is organized or used in a potentially harmful way.

We are all bombarded by negative energetic influences many times a day. If your defenses are strong, this will not affect you, but as soon as your system becomes a little weaker, this negativity slips through and may linger in your system for a long time, slowly but surely destroying your health and happiness. Some of us even feel when it happens – yet it is so difficult to get rid of it!

Really, how do you shake off things that hit your on deep emotional and even spiritual levels?

Well, apparently SKENAR and COSMODIC can help with this, and quite efficiently. And the most amazing thing is, you can actually SEE it happening.

Just watch this small fragment from HB University LIVE 6-13 “COSMODIC for Younger YOU” event. We call it the Emotional Detox Protocol (also referred to as the SKENAR Facial Detox, when performed on the face).

Yes, your ‘negative energy’ comes out as a grey or black color on the affected parts of the body, if you are using a COSMODIC device with silver electrodes (like the COSMODIC 715 or the EX735Ag) or a SKENAR device with a siver remote attachment (it needs to be SILVER for the Protocol to work). After that you can just wipe it off – and feel so much lighter and better 🙂

P.S. Even though you can perform this protocol on any part of the body, we routinely do it on the face, in which case it is called the Facial Detox Protocol. The reason being, we mostly “store” emotions in the facial muscles – and it is easier to unlock and release negative emotions and negative energy working on the face.

P.P.S. Just don’t forget the following little tips that will ensure your success with the protocol (very simple overall):

– do not put any lotions or creams on the skin before you start working;
– set your energy level on comfortable;
– if you are using a Slider, work in COSMODIC MYO Auto Mode;
– you have to press very firmly.

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