COSMODIC Devices: Care for Your COSMODIC

COSMODIC devices are much more than just sophisticated machines. We all know that. They are your trusted friends, your Personal Health Assistants, your 21st Century Medicine Chest, your “ER in a pocket”, and so many other things. COSMODIC devices have one job – to keep your pain away, and they do it well: quickly, safely, effectively, and in the most natural way strengthening your body in the process.

Naturally, you want to keep your COSMODIC device in good shape as long as possible, and the best way to do that is to know how to take good care of them. Yes, it sounds like “Dah!”, but you would be surprised to hear all the “COSMODIC maintenance” and “COSMODIC emergency” questions we answer daily. (Just to give you some examples, “Can I lay on my COSMODIC device?”, or “Can I keep my COSMODIC in a beach bag while I am sunbathing?”, or “I accidentally dropped my COSMODIC device in a toilet – WHAT SHOULD I DO?!”)

Unfortunately, the COSMODIC devices Operator’s Manuals don’t tell you much about care for your COSMODIC. So here are our recommendations deriving from years of experience of dealing with all types of different COSMODIC devices and answering the most frequently asked questions.

1.  Your COSMODIC devices are ELECTRONIC gadgets. They are fragile. Hence, do or don’t do to them what you would do or not do to your laptop or a smartphone.

  • Keep your COSMODIC in a protective case when you don’t use it (TIP: when placing COSMODIC devices into their cases, turn their electrodes to face the front, or you – not the back. See a demonstration in the video below.)
  • Electronics usually do not like humidity, especially if it is hot and humid – and your COSMODIC device is no exception. Try to keep it reasonably cool and dry.
  • Certainly, DO NOT DROP your COSMODIC devices; any damage resulted from dropping voids the warranty.
  • If your COSMODIC device has an LCD screen, do not put too much pressure on it, especially in the screen area – these screens break easily and are pretty expensive to replace.
  • If when repositioning a COSMODIC device you hear a slight “rattling” sound (like something is moving inside it), don’t panic and don’t vigorously shake the device to confirm that it is broken. Internal elements of COSMODIC devices are intentionally fixed fairly loosely in their places in order to let them vibrate easier and harmonize frequencies. Sometimes their movements are audible, and unless you notice a device malfunction, there is no reason to worry.

2.  COSMODIC devices are BATTERY-powered.

    • Use only the highest quality alkaline or, better yet, lithium batteries for your COSMODIC and check with your distributor if the rechargeable batteries are OK to use. It is OK for most of the first generation SKENAR devices but may be a problem for COSMODIC devices.
    • Take the batteries out, if you are not planning to use your COSMODIC device for a prolonged period of time, if you are shipping it somewhere, or if you are flying with it. Sometimes batteries leak. If you miss it, the leak can cause irreparable damage – and leaks often happen with the change of air pressure during flight or with shocks in transport. The battery leaks are also more common in areas with hot and humid climate.
    • If you notice the battery leak, immediately remove the batteries from your COSMODIC device, wipe out as much of the fluid as possible from the battery compartment with an absorbent cloth, napkin, or paper towel – and leave the compartment open for a few hours. Do not attempt to use your COSMODIC device right away; let it dry well – and hope that you got it all out in time before the battery fluid reached the sanctuary of internal electronics.
    • Watch the video below on how to correctly handle the batteries in the COSMODIC devices.

3.  Your COSMODIC devices connect with you through metallic ELECTRODES, which often need to be cleaned.

    • Even though no microorganism can survive the electricity in the inter-electrode space and, therefore, the electrodes do not HAVE to be sterilized for each client, in a busy practice it is usually advisable to still routinely clean the COSMODIC devices electrodes between treatment sessions. We usually recommend alcohol pads or a hydrogen peroxide. It is safe for any electrode metal (stainless steel, copper, or silver); just make sure the liquid DOES NOT leak into the device body through the base of the electrodes. That would be really bad.
    • If your COSMODIC device has removable “ski”-type electrodes (like COSMODIC 705AG, 715Ag, VX735Ag, EX735 or ENS), please remember to take the electrodes out once in a while and clean them thoroughly on the inside as well. The shape of these electrodes makes them prone to accumulation of all sorts of dirt on the inside.
    • If the silver or copper electrodes get tarnished with time, you can easily return them to their shining self with silver or copper polish (we use Brasso – very effective).
    • Do not forget: if you are sending your COSMODIC device for repair, send it WITHOUT the electrodes (if they are removable, of course). It makes it a lot easier for shipping and passing through customs.
    • Watch the video below on how to remove the electrodes from COSMODIC devices.

4.   If your OSMODIC device accidentally gets really wet (like when it gets dropped in a toilet), do what you would do with your smartphone – immediately put it into a plastic bag with dry rice, so that rice covers it completely, and let it sit there till the next day. A chance is, the rice will absorb all the moisture.

5.   We also often hear questions about traveling with your COSMODIC devices. Here are some points to remember.
–   We recommend to always have the COSMODIC devices WITH YOU, no matter where you go or how you travel. You will probably need them to make your journey easier – and sometimes they can be lifesavers, literally, for your fellow travelers (we know a few examples of that).
–   It is usually safe to let your COSMODIC devices go through X-ray machines at the airports, but if you are worried about their fragile software and electronics, you may consider wrapping them in an aluminum foil.
–   It would be a good idea to have the Operator’s Manual with you and easily accessible, in case you are asked by the airport security what the devices are for (COSMODIC Operator’s Manuals are usually small in size and easy to carry) – or you just say that it is a “personal therapy device” of a “beauty massager”.
–   Do not forget to remove the batteries from your COSMODIC devices, if you are flying, to avoid a battery leak (as we mentioned above)!

Overall, COSMODIC devices, while being often a big investment, are fairly “low maintenance”, so to speak. Treat them with respect they deserve, give them some TLC once in a while – and they will serve you faithfully for a long time. And remember that just as people, your COSMODIC devices don’t like to be neglected; the more you use them the happier they will be – and the happier they will make you.

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  • Andy Coverdale
    02/12/2020 9:47 AM

    Advice request. I find my EX 735 ,4 years old, suddenly is using battery power very quickly.I use good AA batteries and the seem to drain away while the unit is not in use. Any thoughts ?

    • Nell Vasilieva
      02/12/2020 3:37 PM

      We would suggest to perform a calibration on your device (the procedure is usually described in your device’s Operator Manual from LET Medical). If that does not fix the problem, the device would probably need to go back to the factory for check-up and general maintenance. Please contact your distributor for details.

  • What energy setting should the ENS be at for maximum results

    • Nell Vasilieva
      17/07/2020 3:16 PM

      COSMODIC and ENS effectiveness does not depend on the energy level. It can be any, from hardly perceivable to comfortable to strong – and you will still get the same results. What matters is the mode used and the treatment approach (protocols and techniques). We usually suggest to keep the energy level comfortable.

  • Donald Perisho
    02/05/2020 9:46 AM

    i like your articles but why do you not make them print ready?

    • Nell Vasilieva
      18/06/2020 12:41 AM

      Actually, we did – they all now can be downloaded as PDF and/or printed. Just look for the “Print” icon on top of every article.

  • My beloved X735AG Modific that I bought in 2011 seems to have ceased to work. I have accidentally touched it on the wall, not really banged it, and that might have cause the damage?
    I am trying to see weather it could be repaired? It is a Scenar Cosmodic fantastic machine, but perhaps no longer in production? It had a number of different settings including skin and wrinkles, and diagnostic.
    I am not sure if this devise can still be purchased or repaired, can you please help?

    • Nell Vasilieva
      27/11/2019 8:52 PM

      Dear Donatella,

      It looks like your Modific served you well 🙂 Sorry that you are having troubles with this excellent machine. It is true that this particular model is out of production being replaced by EX735Ag SLIDER x2 and x3. The good news, however, is that LET Medical still accepts their old models for repair. There is no guarantee, of course, that they will be able to do that (they may not have the required spare parts), but they will try their best.

      But before you send your device to LET Medical (or give it to your distributor so that he/she can send it to Russia on your behalf), here’s a little trick that can sometimes reset the device. Invert the FRESH batteries, negative to negative and positive to positive, but only for 5 seconds – and then replace them to a normal position.

      If these fails your best option is to contact your distributor or send the device directly to LET Medical.

      Hope it helps.


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