COSMODIC for Pets: Benjy Story, or How to Save BIG on Vet Bills

This article is for animal lovers… which most of us are.

And how can you NOT love those fuzz balls with big hearts that always tend to be around when you are hurting? They will try to do anything they can to take your pain away – and sure enough, just in a few minutes your headache dissipates, your blood pressure goes down (proven in scientific studies), your stress level decreases… Whatever is the actual biomechanics of these effects, the main ingredient of your pet’s medicine is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Unfortunately, sometimes our furry healers get sick too – and then it is your turn to become a caregiver for your loving and devoted companions.

That, however, may drill a big unexpected hole in your family finances. Vet services are costly these days… But if you have your devoted Personal Health Assistant, your SKENAR or COSMODIC, you’ve got it covered!  Use your devices on your kitties and doggies just the very same way you’d use them on yourself. There is really not too much difference between our pets and us when biology is concerned. You may even find that pets are much more responsive to therapy than your fellow human beings 🙂

That’s what Ethel Snooks just found out – in the process of saving her little doggie from a costly surgery. In fact, so costly ($4,500) that it was hardly affordable to Ethel and her husband. The only other option was to put their dog down. And if it wouldn’t be for to the COSMODIC 715… But here is the whole story.

The Benjy Story

by Ethel Snooks

“Tuesday evening, August 10, 2011, Benjy, our lovable little 11 pound fluffy white dog, jumped off the couch as he had done hundreds of times, and lunged for a toy my husband was holding on the floor waiting to play with him. But as Benjy lunged, he let out a loud yelp, scrunched up his back, wouldn’t walk and yelped again when we tried to pick him up by his chest – as always. He was acting as if in great distress so we immediately took him to the emergency vet.

The vet described the problem as ‘blowing’ a disc(s). Neurological deficits were found in both front legs and a back leg. He was not paralyzed but the vet said that was a possibility, so he wanted to keep Benjy overnight. If he deteriorated he would rush him to surgery that may or may not be totally successful. Cost would be $4,500. We were left alone to come to a decision and decided to put him down, but when we told that to the vet, he said to wait and take Benjy to his regular vet in the morning. He would fax his findings to Benjy’s regular vet.

We brought him home on a strong narcotic, a strong anti-inflammatory, and a muscle relaxer. Before going to bed we prayed for our little rascal. What a rollercoaster of emotions we were going through!

Early Wednesday morning we took Benjy to his regular vet. Since at the time of injury he behaved in a similar manner as when we first got him, and he is such a poor jumper, the vet thought this may be an acute exacerbation of a chronic injury, and the deficits may or may not be new, so surgery may not be a good option right now. The vet thought the injury was in the cervical area. Benjy was to stay on the meds and complete bed rest for six weeks – only going outside to take care of his business. He was to see the vet again in a week. His vet said he should never jump again – if he didn’t get better he would add a steroid. If he became paralyzed, well, we will talk then. We brought him home and made a restricted area around his bed, but he was so drugged he wasn’t interested in going anywhere.

Benjy being treated

When we first got Benjy (he is a rescue dog who was possibly abused in the past), the breeder told us these little dogs jump 6 feet high. Benjy just made it jumping up on the sofa or a chair. In addition to the trauma of a new home, Benjy would attack any man entering our home with dark pants. He still does that after 4 years with us. Hm! Do we now know why this little dog was returned to the breeder. Was he returned because he was injured by a man in dark pants?

My brain finally got in gear, and I began to think what we might do to help Benjy. Immediately the COSMODIC 715 came to mind so I hurriedly emailed Mediscen for advice. Jeanne Tayler answered immediately. “Yes! Shave him down the spine and treat three times a day,” was her reply”. “If you can’t shave him, part his hair, wet the area thoroughly and treat!“ Once you shave these little dogs, their hair doesn’t grow back in properly, so I elected to part the hair, wet it down and treat that way.

The first treatment was about 10 AM Wednesday morning – about 14 hours after the injury Benjy didn’t move. In the cervical area just below the left ear I got responses all the way up to 770, and then about 5 or 6 inches down the spine from that point I got readings up to 710. The energy level registered 5%. I did that three times Wednesday.

The difference in him with just three treatments was like night and day! The highest readings Thursday morning were in the 500s. Benjy was still laying quietly for treatment, but then the next time, I started as usual in the cervical area, and all of a sudden Benjy jerked away. Checking I discovered the energy level was 45% and climbing. I turned the energy level down and we continued treating.

We kept treating three times a day. His energy level continued improving and then we noticed he didn’t seem to need as much medication so we began reducing it.* He was now acting like his old self – showing interest in what was going on around here, barking at strange noises – greeting us in the morning with his usual ‘over the top’ enthusiasm. When we would take him out on a leash to take care of his business he would try to pull us to the gate to go for his daily walk.

One week later we took him back to the vet who was very pleased to tell us Benjy’s injury was totally healed – no longer any deficits in his legs. He can jump up but not down. In a day he could go for his walks again, but how do we train this lovable little rascal to keep from injuring himself again?

* We gave Benjy aloe vera juice along with his meds to protect his stomach, and probiotics in his food to replenish the flora in the intestinal tract being killed off by the drugs.”

Ethel Snooks (Atlanta, GA)

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