Relationships in the Healing Triangle.
SKENAR on Deeper Levels (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual).

We say SKENAR and COSMODIC are universal by nature, because they fine-tune, amplify, and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The body is actually the one who does the job, not the devices.

Then why the SKENAR sometimes does not work as effectively as we would like? What prevents the body from running the healing programs full-speed? Maybe we are applying the devices incorrectly?

Actually, we have found that in the core of most therapeutic failures are not our mistakes or lack of knowledge or experience – it is the client’s mental, emotional, or spiritual state; their belief system.

There are three main reasons we usually see in the core of blocked healing:

  • A client does not believe that he can heal.
  • A client thinks he does not deserve to be healthy.
  • A client does not want to be healthy (yes, that happens more often than you think).

It actually should come as no surprise, because health science knows for ages that thoughts and emotions influence health. We would say, they do not just affect the state of health, they DETERMINE it.

Unfortunately, we do not speak about working on deeper than physical levels enough leaving this sensitive and enigmatic area to psychologists, psychotherapists, various counselors, and even priests. BIG mistake.

SKENAR and COSMODIC technologies are holistic in nature and, as such, affect all levels of our being. We need to understand how this is happening and how we can facilitate and regulate the process.

In her program at the 4th Australasian SKENAR conference Dr. Irina Kossovskaia attempted to do just that: analyze the SKENAR-Client interaction on deeper than physical levels and give recommendations on increasing the efficiency of the Healing Triangle (Client-Device-Therapist).

Here is the full, unedited version of the program on video.

Here is the PowerPoint that has been used during the presentation: CLICK HERE

This is a long program (somewhat 3+ hours, if you combine all the videos in the playlist). It is more conceptual than practical (even though there are few Protocols in it). It is geared towards the first generation SKENARs (since it was the BioSKENAR conference). It is “raw” and the sound is not always perfect.

And yet, Dr. Irina considers it one of the best programs she’s ever done. It ties together many things she learned from different areas of human knowledge and experience – and that helps understand the SKENAR phenomenon, explain it in simple terms, and recommend ways of increasing the SKENAR efficiency.

The program is quite unique in that it discusses things that almost no one in the SKENAR world talks about (such as why you should listen to your heart more than to your brain, how love heals, or how to turn a “helpless hopeless worthless victim” of life circumstances into an empowered Home Healer with a winning attitude).

Even though the program refers solely to SKENAR, this is because of the particularities of the conference, and you can easily add COSMODIC or Low Level LASER to anything that was talked about.

The bottom line: even though the program is long, if you are a Home Healer and a SKENAR enthusiast, you need to watch it. You may find answers to many of your questions, and not only about health and healing, but also about life in general.

Let all your Negative FAGs (Fear, Anger, Guilt) become Positive FAGs (Forgiveness, Acceptance, Gratitude) 🙂

Your LET Health Team

P. S. In her talk Dr. Irina is referring to the article “SKENAR Philosophy” by Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel. CLICK HERE to read it.

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