COSMODIC Therapy ABS: Healing Crisis and Detox Reactions

COSMODIC Therapy ABS: Healing Crisis and Detox Reactions

Healing Crisis and Detox Reactions

You’ve probably heard the expression “you have to get worse before you get better” before. It migrated from the alternative medicine lingo into the everyday lexicon a while ago. This expression describes a pretty common phenomenon called the ‘healing crisis’. It is not exclusive to SKENAR and known in every holistic healthcare practice, especially in homeopathy.

It is usually understood as a temporary worsening of symptoms that occurs when the body is going through the process of healing itself through the elimination of toxins when toxins stored in the body are released at a faster rate than can be properly eliminated. This healing crisis is often called the “Herxheimer Reaction”.

SKENAR may provoke the Herxheimer Reaction as well, but in SKENAR therapy the Healing Crisis has a somewhat different meaning and does not equate to a detox. Let us look into it deeper.


By giving the body a feedback, mirroring its imperfections and problems, SKENAR (and more so COSMODIC and ENS) increases the body’s awareness. It also gives the body strength to jump-start and accelerate its healing programs and mechanisms. And what is the first thing the wiser and stronger body does stepping on a fast track to health? Yes, it starts cleaning its domain, in other words, it begins DETOXING.

Detox reactions come in many forms and may be quite unpleasant and downright frightening if quickly and strongly triggered. Not all of these reactions are unique to SKENAR and COSMODIC; some are common for all holistic practices, just maybe more intense with SKENAR therapy.

For example, the typical Herxheimer Reaction may hit you like flu: with general malaise, fatigue, headache, nausea, pain in muscles and joints, and even fever. You may develop a bad breath, itchy skin, runny nose, cough out a lot of phlegm, urinate frequently and have diarrhea. You may be sweating a lot and generally stink. You may even notice passing out some sand with your urine or, if you have heavy metal toxicity, have a metallic taste in your mouth.

These are all ways of your body to get rid of toxins. The Herxheimer reaction usually lasts no longer than 3 days, but sometimes may go for as long as a week. If you are experiencing it, drink plenty of water or herbal tea (the more the better) and work with your COSMODIC on elimination organs to help them function more efficiently (liver, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, lungs).


We usually apply this term to the expected aggravation of symptoms of chronic disorders, whatever the symptoms are, during the course of SKENAR therapy – and these symptoms do not necessarily reflect the detox reactions.

Here is what happens.

When the body, for whatever reason, cannot solve a health problem, the problem usually becomes “chronic”. It means, the unfinished healing program still exists in the body, even though the body typically isolates the problem by forming an ‘energy cyst’. In other words, the body surrounds the pathology with energetic barriers, so that the rest of the body does not bother anymore with trying to solve the problem that cannot be solved. This is a waste of precious energy – energy that is needed for other, more important tasks.

Our body is an extremely efficient energy generator, yet it still often suffers from energy depletion and has to set priorities to stay alive. Keeping the pathology behind protective energetic barriers (or inside the energy cyst) requires fewer energy expenditures than trying to resolve the issue. Hence, that becomes the route the energy depleted system takes, compromising to stay alive.

Energy cyst usually gives you some nagging symptoms, like a chronic pain here and there which seemingly never goes away. Such pain still lets you function as a whole, and after awhile the body gets used to it. Your chronic pain runs somewhere on the background, and sometimes you even forget that it is there – unless for some reason it goes away. Only then you realize how much that pain was affecting you; something like, “I didn’t know how sick I was until I got healthy”.

The body, however, did not quite give up on the problem. As soon as the system gets some extra energy, it will try to resolve the chronic issue again, to finally get rid of it once and for all. But in order to do that, THE BODY HAS TO BRING THE PROBLEM TO THE SURFACE, into the awareness, INTENSIFY SYMPTOMS. And that’s the essence of the SKENAR Healing Crisis.

The symptoms are not new; they are your usual ones, just feel worse. With continuous treatments, they will soon go away, usually within 24-48 hours. It may be very unpleasant 48 hours, but now the body already knows the way to health. It remembered the healing program and can follow it. Sometimes the body will need to turn the program several times, each time quicker and easier, in order to get rid of the energy cyst for good.

If you want to resolve the chronic problem, this mechanism is unavoidable. There is no other way. That’s how the body works. The only thing we can do is to make the SKENAR Healing Crisis smoother, stretch it in time, make it more tolerable. SKENAR is a very powerful tool and can give the body an energy boost very fast. In this situation, the healing crisis may easily occur, especially if one deals with:

  • systems very low on energy yet responsive (the body gets some extra energy and rushes to solve the most nagging problem), or
  • systems suffering from autoimmune disorders (the immune system is hyper-reactive and gives a very strong response even to a slight influence).

There are other circumstances, but these two are the main reasons for dramatic healing crises in SKENAR therapy.

That’s why we usually encourage everyone who has an intention to heal from a chronic issue and are energy depleted to get their energy level somewhat up first, before going for a SKENAR treatment. This can be done in a number of different ways, with any bioenergy-enhancing technique or device. If this is not possible, for one reason or the other, we recommend keeping SKENAR sessions under 30-40 min. for the first 4-5 session, to avoid giving the body too much energy at once.

The possibility of a healing crisis is almost completely eliminated with COSMODIC ® technology.

So does it have to “get worse before it gets better”? It really does, if you want to eliminate the chronic condition for good, but it does not have to be too bad. There are ways to make the transition smoother, especially with COSMODIC and ENS – these technologies rarely cause strong aggravation of symptoms. Just keep doing what you are doing – and remember that in SKENAR therapy, ANY change is a good one, even if it does not feel like it sometimes.

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  • Jarel Lim
    29/10/2022 1:09 PM


    I’ve been using a similar technology, a SCENAR blanket (RITM ULM Blanket). I believe this is the same as, or similar to, the SOLARIS blanket. I used it for the first time for 40 minutes and realized it was too much. I decided to skip a day, then used it for 10 minutes the following day. Felt fine afterwards. The next day, I increased my usage time to 13 minutes, and then I felt really anxious about an hour after; a kind of nervousness or internal jitteriness. It’s been three days since I’ve used the blanket, and this physical anxiety (felt along my arms, torso, legs, and my head) is still lingering and has actually become a little more prominent. Should I wait until these symptoms subside before using the blanket again?

    • LET Health
      31/10/2022 2:35 PM

      Hi Jarel,

      Yes, the RITM ULM Blanket and the SOLARIS Blanket are similar in their MOA and effects on the body. If you feel certain discomfort using the Blanket in the beginning, it is recommended to minimize the treatment time to 7 min – and then add 3 min every session doing it daily for 7 days. After that your body should adapt to therapy and you can introduce longer time increases. Be sure to ground yourself before every procedure to get rid of any static electricity and wear only cotton during therapy.

      • Jarel Lim
        17/02/2023 6:01 PM


        Thank you for replying to my last post. I’ve used the RITM ULM Blanket for 4 courses of treatment now (each treatment lasting 15 days with 7-10 days of break in between). Each session that I’ve done (1 session per day) has only been 20 minutes in duration as I felt this was as much as I could tolerate while still being able to do some activities of daily living. I’ve been primarily been using the blanket for my headaches and insomnia, and while I’ve had a major improvement in these areas, I’m beginning to have body pains/tightness/pressure/heaviness around my back and torso, and sometimes my arms and neck. These symptoms became prominent after my 4th course of treatment and they get worse after going on 20-minute walks. I presume that my lymphatic system is finally starting to “push” waste around more.

        I forgot where I read this, but somewhere I remember reading that treatment courses are done 3-4 times per year. Seeing that I’ve gone through my 4th and last course of treatment, I was wondering if I should still continue doing these treatment courses until these lingering symptoms resolve? My concern with this is that my body will be accustomed to the blanket and will not know how to heal itself without it. Should I wait another year? Are there any other therapies that can help with my situation?

        • LET Health
          21/02/2023 2:06 PM

          Hi Jarel. We agree that the new symptoms you are describing may be an indication of your body moving to the deeper levels of healing thus bringing up lingering problems that were not otherwise noticeable. If this is the case, it would be unwise to stop the process to avoid it going dormant again. We would suggest continuing with therapy, but maybe take longer breaks between courses (say, two weeks), to give the body a chance to accumulate strength.

          There is no danger of your body “forgetting how to heal itself without the Blanket” since the Blanket only assists in healing; the body still leads.

          Hope it makes sense. Wishing you all the best on your healing path.

  • Roser Flotats
    07/03/2019 12:29 AM

    I have pain in my hip, after a broken fibula last year and an operation where a plate was inserted in my ankle. I have tried home SCENAR machine on hip but not very good results, how long should I do it for?

    • LET Health
      18/09/2019 8:15 AM

      Hi Roser,

      We’ve reached out to you by email to try to help you directly. It would be helpful to know which model of SCENAR that you have, as they can have different features; however, the core technology and impulse would be similar, so most techniques and protocols are shared between SCENAR and COSMODIC devices. We have a fantastic virtual training library available to all of our customers with videos and texts walking you through the theory, methodology, techniques, and protocols – the why, where, when, and how long. If you didn’t buy the device from us, we still have an extensive selection of popular protocols available for free in the “Training” section of our website that you can reference for your condition. We wish you great recovery!


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