LET Medical Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics led by Dr. Alexander Karasev introduced their latest development, ENS, not so long ago. We’ve already got some very positive feedback from its users, and recently it also made news in the UK. CLICK HERE to see the article on SKY News.

The article tells a story about an incredibly spirited and strong young mom who got her life back after she was told she had only weeks to live. ENS was a part of her self-treatment routine – and her little daughter Maisie was her motivation.

We often call ENS “the Inner Smile from LET Medical.

The original SKENARs became “the first generation SKENARs” when LET Medical introduced the newer COSMODIC technology and devices as “the second generation SKENARs”. The later COSMODIC hybrids were designed to better activate the regeneration processes in the body and became increasingly sophisticated: VX735 and EX735; then EX735 Sliders x1, x2, and x3. Those of us following the SKENAR evolution were anxiously wondering – what’s next?

The next is now here, and it is called ENS. ENS devices are “the third generation SKENARs” – still adaptive electrical stimulators, yet so much more sophisticated and intelligent than the first “big stimulus” SKENARs.

In addition to what COSMODIC do, the inventor suggests that ENS:

  • Improves energy production and distribution in the body via different mechanisms, including optimizing mitochondrial function through the process of enhanced mitophagy.
  • Increases the body’s awareness of what is “self” and what is not, helping the body to better detect and expel “alien” DNA of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) while avoiding attacking own tissues (e.g. auto-immune disorders).
  • Taps into the power of the brain delta waves – those that are responsible for our deepest and most regenerative sleep, and which are sometimes considered to be the state of highest consciousness and to contain the strongest memories of our original design.
  • Is a quick and profound anti-stressor, where those experiencing this technology notice a state of calmness, deep relaxation, and emotional comfort – which some describe as “the inner smile”.

With ENS, we are getting closer to the ability to purposefully influence and correct the Informational Matrix of the body (our core programming), with all its limitless possibilities.

How? Actually, we do not exactly know. Dr. Karasev is not very forthcoming with information, for a number of reasons. You can read about what we do know, in Dr. Karasev’s own words, HERE.

For most of us, however, not knowing exactly how the iPhone or a laptop work and what’s going on in their electronic brains does not prevent us from using these convenient and effective devices to our full advantage, does it? The ENS is very similar in that respect: so simple in use – and yet often a “miracle worker”.

Here is just one story of what ENS is capable of that aired on SKY News not so long ago. CLICK HERE.

Please note that this result is not typical. Not everyone will respond to the ENS the same way, and not everyone will get a healing miracle. And yet, some will – and that’s what LET Medical, Alexander Karasev, and all of us are working for. Even if we can’t explain it, we want more “spontaneous healers” with us, for years to come. And for that, we needCOSMODIC, and ENS.

Are you with us?

LET Health Team

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