COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x2 Has a Twin Sister – EX735Cu!

COSMODIC EX735Cu Slider x2 – the “copper” Slider

COSMODIC Hybrid EX735Ag manufactured by LET Medical Research Laboratory in Russia holds the top position on the SKENAR evolutionary tree for quite a while.

With time, the EX735Ag morphed into the EX735Ag Modific, then into the EX735Ag Slider and, finally, into the EX735Ag Slider x2. It gained efficiency and sophistication along the way, but it consistently stayed the EX735Ag, where “Ag” stands for “Argentum”, or SILVER. This is the metal the machine’s “skies” (detachable external electrodes) are made of.

Silver is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria, which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics. The EX735Ag’s electrodes are made according to a special technology, which maintains and strengthens the natural structure of silver. This provides additional healing effect and more precise transmission of COSMODIC signals.

There is only one problem with the silver electrodes: they are expensive (there is a lot of pure silver in those “skies”). That substantially increases the device’s price, which goes up every time the silver grows in value. That growth has been happening consistently over the past few years as silver was gaining popularity as a noble metal, and there is no indication that this tendency is going to change in the near future.

Result: the further inevitable increase in price, which will make the exclusive EX735Ag Slider x2 even more exclusive.

Over the past few years, LET Medical has been diligently researching the ways to make the EX735 Slider x2 more affordable, at the same time preserving the amazing healing qualities of this pedigree device. And now we have the result of this extensive research.

Meet the EX735Cu Slider x2 – the EX735Ag’s twin sister.

These two devices are identical in every aspect, except for the electrodes – in the EX735Cu Slider x2, they are made out of COPPER, which, of course, makes the EX735Cu substantially more affordable. (“Cu” stands for Cuprum, or Copper.)

This, however, is not your typical copper. It is a special M00 grade chemically pure copper manufactured in a vacuum without any oxygenation. Since this copper is 99,95% pure and does not contain any other polluting elements, its conductivity is very high and it can transmit the fragile COSMODIC signal with minimum distortion.

It took LET Medical awhile to come up with a suitable alternative to their “silver skies”, but now you can have the efficiency of the EX735 Slider x2 much more affordably – for 20% less.

Yes, it is still a lot (after all, it is still the EX735 Slider x2), but better. For now. You see, at the moment it is only a limited release of EX735Cu Sliders x2, to test the market. The test may work – or may not, in which case this release could be the one and only.

In our experience, the EX735Cu Sliders x2 works beautifully – in fact, from what we could see so far, just as well as the EX735Ag. We think in the EX735Cu Sliders x2 we’ve got a great product, and we hope it is here to stay.

We also think, we owe LET Medical a big Thank You for the massive amount of time, energy, and money that they put in the research and development of the “COSMODIC copper” and a special technology of making the clean and smooth “ski” electrodes out of it, which we didn’t even mention.

(When you deal with sophisticated electronics, many discoveries and inventions happen “behind the scenes”, when you need to find a unique solution to the arising problem – and Dr. Karasev and his team are REALLY good at that.)

LET Medical did all the above not even knowing whether or not their efforts are ever going to be paid off, because, if this limited release does not pass the market test, all their work is basically wasted. Yes, they are prepared for it, because by definition they are a Research Lab, but still…

So Thank You, Alexander Karasev and LET Medical, for finding a way to give us a more affordable Slider x2. Let the EX735Cu Sliders x2 live up to your and our expectations.

Let copper be a new gold 🙂

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