Latest in COSMODIC: SLIDER x3,”smart” attachments, and more

It’s been very exciting to witness the SKENAR Evolution over the past twenty years – the evolution of the technology as close to the Star Trek Healing Device as it was possible on the rise of the second millennium.

For the past several years the COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider manufactured by LET Medical holds the top position on the SKENAR evolutionary tree. This is The Best SKENAR Yet and The One That Has It All. It is mysteriously intelligent and amazingly effective and makes its lucky owners proud. The Rolls Royce Phantom of SKENARs. It first came out just as the “EX735Ag Slider”, but became even better as the popular EX735Ag Slider x2.

“What’s next? Where is the SKENAR evolution going? What is LET Medical working on? Are we there yet?” – these are all question we hear again and again, and rightfully so, because LET Medical keeps moving forward. So let us tell you about the latest developments in the COSMODIC world (Dr. Karasev’s team ceased all R&D of the SKENAR technology after designing the DOVE skenar and concentrated exclusively on COSMODIC).

Yes, there was another upgrade to the EX735Ag Slider x2. Welcome the EX735Ag Slider x3.

The COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 is the latest LET Medical device in the EX735 SLIDER series. It was designed with the following main agendas:

  • increase the therapeutic efficiency of the device, especially in the area of regeneration and rejuvenation;
  • give the device the highest possible DETOXIFICATION potential;
  • make the ASSESSMENT procedure much more inclusive, precise, intuitive, and familiar to the classical SKENAR therapists.

The detox effect of the COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 is strong to the level of being dramatic. For example, when right at the procedure you can smell chemicals being released by the body (such as pharmaceuticals accumulated over time) or see black stripes on the skin where silver electrodes react with the impurities coming out with the sweat. The COSMODIC EX735 Slider x3 efficiently helps the body to get rid of drug residue, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins (mostly from mold), exogenous estrogen, inhaled air pollutants, and, in some degree, radiation and GMO fragments, even though the latter requires more studying and possibly a different technology to be really effective.

The Assessment Module in the COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 (fully engaged in the Professional version) is really something. It walks you step-by-step through a full-body scan, such as 3 pathways and the strategic points on the front of the body, and then gives you the results in graphic form. That way, there is no doubt where the most important points for treatment are, here and now. The device also stores the data received during each procedure in individual patient files, and you can always do comparative analysis during consecutive sessions to observe the dynamics.

All-in-all, the COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 is a valuable addition to the SLIDER family
and a big step in the evolution of “The Best SKENAR Yet”.

LET Medical is not replacing the Slider x2 with the x3 model. Instead, they keep both models on the market, to provide for a variety of choices. The COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 is the most suitable for a busy health practice that requires quick and precise client assessment followed by a short yet powerful treatment. The COSMODIC EX735 Slider x2 has already proved itself as an efficient and reliable device in both professional and home care.

DX-1 – screen

What else is new in COSMODIIC world? “Smart” attachments.

In parallel with improving the COSMODIC EX735 devices, LET Medical is developing a series of “smart” attachments to their high-end professional models (or “attachments with brains”).

These “satellites” to the Slider “mothership” will have different purposes allowing any user a variety of choices in applications while using the same base Slider unit as a powers source and a COSMODIC signal generator. The signal though will not be merely transmitted to the remote electrode surface; it will be tuned, modulated, divided, multiplied, passed around, and whatnot in accordance with the purpose and a “thinking process” of a particular “smart” attachment.

The first “smarite” is already on the market. It is called the DX-1.

DX-1 “button” electrodes

DX-1 is a single-module therapeutic unit that has 6 silver buttons as electrodes. You can manually choose which buttons will be working (in the “massage” modes), or let the devices decide (in Auto mode), in which case the DX-1 will be dynamically moving the Slider impulse between electrodes depending on the “here and now” local assessment that it automatically performs.

As you know, the Small Asymmetry moves around along with changes in the “energy cyst” of the pathology it represents. The DX-1 will be automatically “chasing” the Small Asymmetry thus substantially increasing the efficiency of therapy. Another step towards “SKENAR therapy on autopilot”.   (It is a very interesting sensation when the signal constantly changes in strength and jumps between six electrodes without any particular pattern – like “hide and seek” game with the Small Asymmetry.)

LET Medial is also working on the DX-2, which, besides two symmetrical treatment modules, will also have a separate assessment module, which will very accurately pinpoint the strategic treatment points on the body. The DX-2 is not on the market yet, but you can see on the picture how it is going to look like (very convenient to work on the spine).

These are the latest COSMODIC updates.

Oh, yes, we almost forgot. There is also another new remote silver COSMODIC electrode OKO (not the “smart” attachment; just a simple electrode). It has a poetic and a bit provocative nickname “three lovers” (you have to look at the picture to understand), and LET Medical swears by its facial beauty restoration powers. Now it’s really all. For now 🙂

As Dr. Karasev is saying, COSMODIC is just the beginning…”

Hope you are with us.

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