SKENAR Theory: as per Dr. Tennant, “Healing is Voltage”. Is it?

Recently Dr. Mercola, osteopathic physician and a well-known proponent of alternative medicine, published an interview that he conducted with Dr. Jerry Tennant, an ophthalmologist and a creator of the Tennant Biomodulator – a SKENAR-type device widely distributed in the USA.

Here is Dr. Mercola’s article written following that interview:

Dr. Tennant has published a book “Healing is Voltage: The Handbook”, where he offered his view on health and disease and explained the theory he put behind his device.

Like most of the “holistic MDs”, before embracing energy healing Dr. Tennant went through a personal crisis. In 1995 he developed viral encephalitis (viral infection of the brain) and spent the next seven years bedridden, without hope for recovery.

There were no conventional treatments that could help, and Dr. Tennant had to take matters into his own hands. He did a lot of studying of cellular biology and came to the conclusion that in order to function and recover cells have to have a sufficient VOLTAGE.

“Understanding that my brain didn’t have enough voltage to work correctly, that was really what started me on the journey of trying to figure out how to get things to work again,” Dr. Tennant says.

Dr. Jerry Tennant attributes the jump-start of his healing process to SKENAR. As Dr. Mercola puts it in his article,

 First, [Dr. Tennant] came across work by a Russian doctor named Alexander Karasev, who had identified a waveform that can transfer electrons to cell membranes. He was able to acquire a SKENAR device developed by Karasev and began to treat himself with it. Years later, he developed his own Biomodulator device.”

Dr. Jerry Tennant is now 77. His recovery is complete. He enjoys a healthy and energetic lifestyle, still goes to work every day, and passionately advocates energy healing to those willing to open their minds to unconventional ways of becoming and staying healthy.

Now, do we agree with Dr. Tennant that “healing is voltage”? Not quite. It is not that simple, and SKENAR is much more than a “waveform that can transport electrons to the cell membranes.” And yet, both Dr. Karasev and I agree that Dr. Tennant’s view of pH as voltage makes a lot of sense and that his comprehensive explanations of complicated matters can be quite helpful in the understanding of bioelectricity and the role it plays in health and disease. That’s why I suggest this article of Dr. Mercola for you to read (and, if you have time, watch the entire interview on video).

Do COSMODIC “increase the voltage”? Certainly, especially in the intercellular space. They are excellent electron donors and definitely support and improve the functioning of the four major battery systems in the human body, as described by Dr. Tennant. COSMODIC is also thought to substantially increase the content of structured water in the body – another major system that holds and delivers bioenergy (Dr. Mercola expands on this topic in another article HERE). The ability of COSMODIC to “increase voltage” of the living tissues is further enhanced by the use of shungite attachments due to the bioelectric qualities of shungite itself.

The mechanism of action of COSMODIC, however, is not limited to merely increasing the voltage. The high efficiency of these technologies and their ability to trigger regenerative processes cannot be explained in bioelectrical terms only, like the performance of a computer cannot be attributed only to its power supply: yes, a computer cannot function without electricity, but it is a software that ultimately determines its qualities.

The power of COSMODIC is in the improvement of the flow of INFORMATION in the body, in the ability to make the “body’s computer programs” work better. There is a lot still unclear in how exactly these technologies affect the body’s informational field and at this point all we can offer you are theories. Dr. Karasev is also not very forthcoming with explanations; as we already wrote before, he thinks that the world at large is not ready for these explanations.

We tend to agree. In the time when even the age-old practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda are often considered quackery (and I am not even talking about homeopathy, Reiki, radionics and the like), what are the chances that, say, existence of bioplasma as the fifth state of matter in living systems and as the energo-informational matrix of the body as well as the methods of harmonizing and enhancing it will be taken seriously? I would say, pretty slim.

It takes time for a paradigm to change, especially if it is the one dominating in a society. Time and struggle. Remember Mahatma Gandhi,

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”? (There is another version of the same thought that arguably belongs to a German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, “Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is violently opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident.”)

We will leave it up to you to judge where are we in this progression as a society with regards to energy medicine, but it is clearly not the “self-evident” stage. Far from it. So we are taking baby steps – and in that Dr. Tennant’s “healing is voltage” explanation of bioelectricity and bioenergy can be very helpful indeed. We will get to the spin electricity, vacuum magnetic polarization, or increasing of anti-entropy qualities of bioplasma later, when these terms will not sound so alien and so “out there” that our mind just outright rejects them and everything associated with them.

We will get there. There will be a time when COSMODIC and, further, ENS will not be enigmatic anymore. For now, however, let’s go with “healing is voltage” and enjoy all the benefits these wonderful technologies can bring, just as most of us enjoy our smartphones and computers without actually knowing what is going on inside their stylish techno-bodies.

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  • Sandra Thompson
    20/01/2020 2:43 PM

    This article is intriging to say the least. I understand we are made up of electrical systems in our body. I have a friend who was very sick, 59 year old female who went to Dallas and paid $2,000 to have this biomodulator device applied to her. She was in her words, dying. She claims she has never felt better in her life now after that procedure. I am happy for her but I still wonder if there are repercussions to this electrical procedure. I would love to try it as I have inflamation in my 80 year old body, have copd, and wonder if it would work for me but I have reservations about any negative effects from this procedure.

    • Nell Vasilieva
      20/01/2020 11:24 PM

      Dear Sandra,

      Using electricity for healing, regeneration, and rejuvenation is not new; it has been done since the last century. It is very natural to use the very stimuli that the nervous system itself produces to communicate with the body. That is, of course, only possible if the artificial electrical stimuli are similar to the natural ones and the body can recognize them. And that’s the quality of SCENAR, COSMODIC, and ENS impulses.

      The SCENAR technology in various implementations has beed around for over 30 years, and so far no negative side effects have been reported anywhere in the world. How does that sound compared to any conventional prescription medication (that you probably would not hesitate to use if that was prescribed to you, would you)?

      We fear what we don’t understand; that’s human nature. We just hope that there will be time soon when people know enough about them to give them a try.


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