SKENAR therapy, as well as COSMODIC therapy and ENS therapy, is unique in many ways. While its main goal is the same as with many other healing modalities (pain relief and improvement of functions), SKENAR-type adaptive electrical stimulators “turn the table” on the body-device relationship letting the body control therapy – and that very beneficial in the long run change in the “balance of power” sometimes results in unusual reactions and effects that can be confusing and even scary if you are not prepared.

Let’s review some of them.


SKENAR dramatically improves the innate healing ability of the body by fine-tuning and accelerating its adaptive reactions and mechanisms, locally and generally. That’s why even a simple local SKENAR application can sometimes result in the following:

  • a sudden “heat wave”, almost like a hot flash;
  • profuse sweating;
  • increased heart and breathing rate;
  • dizziness and light-headedness to the point of fainting.

These reactions (all of some of them) may come suddenly “out of nowhere” and surprise you, but there is no reason to worry. That’s quite typical and merely means that your body is waking up and general adaptive reactions are “kicking in”, which is always a very good sign. Just give it a few minutes and everything will settle down.

Your improved adaptivity will soon result in more pleasant phenomena, such as the famous “SKENAR effect of 4 Gs”: good appetite, good sleep, good mood, good performance.


By giving the body a feedback, mirroring its imperfections and problems, SKENAR (and more so COSMODIC and ENS) increases the body’s awareness. It also gives the body strength to jump-start and accelerate its healing programs and mechanisms. And what is the first thing the wiser and stronger body does stepping on a fast track to health? Yes, it starts cleaning its domain, in other words, it begins DETOXING.

Detox reactions come in many forms and may be quite unpleasant and downright frightening if quickly and strongly triggered. Not all of these reactions are unique to COSMODIC; some are common for all holistic practices, just maybe more intense with SKENAR therapy.

In SKENAR therapy, there is a certain difference between the typical Detox Reactions commonly observed in other holistic therapies and called “a healing crisis” (such as the  Herxheimer reaction) – and the SKENAR Healing Crisis. We usually apply the latter term to the expected aggravation of symptoms of chronic disorders, whatever the symptoms are, during the course of SKENAR therapy following the principle “it has to get worse before it gets better”. (It really does, but it does not have to be too bad, especially with COSMODIC and ENS). CLICK HERE for more information on the subject.

There are also some reactions that are unique to the SKENARs of the second generation and that we still have difficulties explaining. For example, COSMODIC “tattoos” and “craters” – rare and intriguing phenomena.

COSMODIC “Tattoos”

The “tattoos” appear as black lines on the skin directly under the silver COSMODIC electrodes (almost like the electrode imprint) if the device is left for a long time on the same area in the projection of a toxic organ (see a picture on the right). Some of our clients report getting these lines if they accidentally fall asleep treating themselves. The lines seem to form inside the skin and cannot be wiped out; they usually go away on their own after a period of time.

The theory is that the toxins pulled out of the body by the device react with the silver of the electrodes “imprinting” the skin. Toxins can be of a different nature. We see “COSMODIC tattoos” often around the thyroid gland, which accumulates radioactive substances. Hence – our standard recommendations to NEVER leave the device on the thyroid; move over it, but do not STAY on it.

SLIDER “Craters”

Fresh “Slider crater”- actual size 0.5cm

On rare occasions during COSMODIC therapy, when the energy of the area is very incoherent, you may have a sharp energy discharge (feels like a bee sting) and the area develops a bright red dot that looks like a burn. We call it “the SLIDER crater” because we see it mostly with the EX735Ag; the simpler COSMODIC models seldom produce craters (maybe because they are not powerful enough).

“Craters” do not appear on every person, or on the same person all the time. They can also appear anywhere on the body regardless of the COSMODIC positioning. If they show up in the area you are treating they usually refer to a local problem, and if away from the treated area that usually means a systemic disorder. There is really no way to predict where or when the “craters” will develop, as we do not know much about them.

“Slider crater” in the healing stage

The nature of this phenomenon is quite enigmatic. It has been observed that these marks appear as a result of energy outburst from inside. It is almost like a lightning coming out of the body (in Russia they watched it in a dark room).

The speculation is that the EX735 “chases out” of the body some energy formations that disrupt the normal energy flow. These rigid formations cannot be re-structured to be included in the coherent flow of energy in the body and the only way to deal with them is to expel them out. Some gifted healers can do that in alternative energy practices, but it is not easy – and there are no known devices that can facilitate this process… except for the EX735Ag.

However unpleasant, these marks are actually a very good sign. Their appearance usually signifies a major positive shift in the disease dynamics, meaning from that moment on you are going to get better quick.

“Craters” eventually heal, but may stay for quite a while slowly fading away. You can keep treating the area in a usual manner; just try not to stay in one spot for too long.


It is not unusual to have sudden emotional reactions during SKENAR therapy: start crying and not being able to stop, develop irrational fears (or rather remember them), or become “an emotional wreck”. SKENAR affects all levels of your being, and if you have deeply seeded emotional issues or buried in subconscious painful memories,COSMODIC, and especially ENS may bring them to the surface so that you can process them and let go.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed by the “rivers of tears”: they will wash away your sorrows and open you up to a lighter and brighter future. They will also provide for a much faster healing of your physical body since so many of ill-health conditions are rooted in your psyche. We welcome these emotional reactions, but we cannot predict them.

There is one COSMODIC protocol though that specifically targets suppressed and stored emotions. It is called the “Emotional Detox”. CLICK HERE and here to read the article describing it in details and showing a video of the technique.

If you have a COSMODIC with silver electrodes or ENS (or use a COSMODIC device with remote silver electrodes), we highly recommend doing “Emotional Detox” on everyone, and on a regular basis. You never know – this simple procedure may be a key to unlocking a secret to your, your loved ones, or your client’s rapid healing and/or wellbeing.

It’s amazing how much better the body works and how much brighter the world looks when your emotional baggage becomes a little lighter…


We hope we did not scare you off by describing what potentially MAY happen during your SKENAR therapy, COSMODIC therapy, or ENS therapy. Anybody can tell you about all the good and encouraging things these modalities will do for you – all true. I just thought you ought to know not only the best (that’s easy) but also the worst-case scenario.

Just keep in mind three things while processing the above.

  1. This is the WORST that can happen. From our experience, you should not expect any other unpleasant surprises from yourCOSMODIC, or ENS therapy.
  2. The described effects and reactions are RARE and chances that it will happen to you are very small.
  3. However odd or unpleasant, these effects and reactions in their essence are VERY BENEFICIAL and usually mean that your body is responding to therapy quickly and profoundly – and that you should expect great results soon.
COSMODIC Protocols: Energy Cleanse Technique
COSMODIC Therapy ABC: How to Increase SKENAR Efficiency

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  • Asha Narayan
    18/08/2020 4:47 PM

    please advice if there is anyone in the bay area (San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco California) that I can go to so I can see the device and how it works and maybe get a session. Thank you

    • Nell Vasilieva
      19/08/2020 3:09 PM

      Hi Asha. Regretfully, we cannot locate a practicing COSMODIC ENS therapist in the specified area in our database (which is still limited considering that we have been in business only since 2018). Besides, in the current COVID-19 situation many energy healing practices do not accept clients. We are sorry for a disappointing answer.

  • Hello
    Do you have many associates in New Zealand?
    One of your articles mentioned ‘Mama Bear:
    I would like to try a treatment.
    Thanks so much

    • Nell Vasilieva
      03/01/2020 10:50 AM

      Hi Trish,

      Yes, we do have associates in New Zealand, ‘Mama Bear’ included. Her full name is Dr. Betty Williams, and she can be reached at We believe, she is located in Springlands, Blenhiem.

      We would also suggest to contact Sandi Cooke in Canterbury. Her email address is, phone number 0064 33142030, and she gave us her consent to pass her contact information to anyone in your beautiful country interested in our energy healing technologies.

      Hope this information helps.

    06/09/2019 3:58 PM


    I want to ask you if there are somebody, working with the Scenar and the Cosmodic, in México, I would like to see how they work, and of course make some treatments for me before buy them.
    Warmest regards.

    • LET Health
      18/09/2019 8:15 AM

      Thanks for the comment! We appreciate your interest in our products. Yes, we have some great associates working in Mexico, and we’ve reached out to you by email to help you get in touch with them. Thank you!


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