SOLARIS Health Blanket is a non-invasive energy healing device for everyday external use at home or in a health practice in all age groups. SOLARIS Blanket gently balances and restores the energy flow in the body, which provides quick stress relief and can over time re-energize and rejuvenate the body.

SOLARIS Blanket can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other therapies and modalities, in which case it usually enhances their effects on the body (including effects of medication).


• psycho-emotional tension and fatigue;
stress and anxiety, constant worry; insomnia;
• physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion;
• stiff muscles, chronic muscle pain, and muscular spasms;
• high blood pressure;
• hyperactivity;
• low energy;
• pre- and post-surgery.


Individual cotton sheets or duvet covers should be used with each client in order to keep the Solaris Blanket clean.

SOLARIS Blanket session has to be performed in a quiet and free from outside distractions environment. Relaxation music, aromatherapy, essential oils, and beeswax candles are highly beneficial.

A client should ware underwear containing no synthetic material.  Any metallic jewellery or watch should be taken off. Prior to each session, ask the client to touch a grounded metal object in order to eliminate static electricity.

The treatment should take place while a client is sitting or lying down in a convenient and relaxed position.

Blanket head wrapCover the client with the SOLARIS Blanket. For best results, wrap the client in the Blanket completely, including the head (“like a mummy”). However, you can wrap the client up to the neck, or various parts of the body can be wrapped separately as well (legs, torso etc.)

In general, it is recommended to conduct a SOLARIS Blanket session one hour before going to bed, or at bedtime. The duration of a session ranges from 15 to 60 min., but the optimal duration is considered to be 30-40 minutes, one to three times per day, based upon individual reactions to the treatments and severity of condition. With prolonged use, a time of the session can be increased in accordance with individual preference (your client can even sleep under the Solaris Blanket all night, if desired).

The person in the SOLARIS Blanket usually experiences a feeling of internal warmth and sometimes a slight pricking sensation, which does not bring any discomfort. Sleepiness and extreme relaxation are common phenomena while in the SOLARIS Health Blanket.


In rare cases adverse reactions such as headache, dizziness, or nausea may occur in the beginning of a session. In this case, the treatment session should be continued until discomfort disappears, even if the time of the session needs to be extended up to 50 minutes.

If the discomfort is too severe for the client to handle, the time for the procedure should be reduced up to 10 minutes. The duration of each following procedure should be extended every time for 3-4 minutes, coming in the result to 30 – 40 minutes.


• Acute infectious diseases;
• Diseases and feverish conditions with unclear diagnosis;
• Active form of Tuberculosis (TB);
• Acute heart attack or stroke;
• Cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency.


Store the SOLARIS Health Blanket at a room temperature in a dry and well aerated place. It is extremely beneficial to expose the Blanket to the direct sunlight at least once a week for 30-45 min. (or longer).

Clean using dry heat only at temperature 120-124 degrees Celsius for 45 min. The SOLARIS Blanket can be used 30 min. after dry cleaning.

WARNING! Under no circumstances should the Solaris Health Blanket be washed in a washing machine and/or dried in a standard dryer as this will destroy its benefits.