Shungite Semi-Spheres (35 mm)


Shungite Semi-Spheres (35 mm) is a pair of remote electrodes for COSMODIC devices designed for multiple applications from cosmetology to muscle stimulation, the Vagus nerve stimulation (strss relief), lymphatic drainage, disorders of ears-nose-throat and more. Semi-spheres are 35 mm in diameter and come WITH attached handles.


  • Facelift (muscle stimulation of facial muscles, second chin removal);
  • “Cleopatra’s Necklace”  and “Little Wings” Techniques;
  • Vagus nerve stimulation to battle acute and chronic stress;
  • Treatment of the ears, nose, and throat, of sinus infections and blockages;
  • Lymphatic drainage of the face and neck;
  • Gallbladder drainage;
  • Working on the spine.

NOTE:  Each electrode in a pair has a different polarity and, therefore, the electrodes always need to be used together, with the electrical current running in-between them.

All shungite electrodes are hand-made from a high quality shungite stone by a “third party” (it is not a LET Medical product).

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Main Purpose of Design

Shungite Semi-Spheres (35 mm) is a pair of remote electrodes for COSMODIC and ENS devices designed for multiple applications ranging from cosmetology to muscle stimulation, the Vagus nerve stimulation (evoking “rest and digest” parasympathetic response to balance “fight or flight” sympathetic stress response and relieve acute and chronic stress), sinuses treatment, disorders of ears-nose-throat and more. Each electrode in a pair has a different polarity and, therefore, the electrodes always need to be used together, with the electrical current running in-between them. Semi-spheres are 35 mm in diameter and come with attached handles.

NOTE: ALL shungite electrodes are hand-made from a high quality shungite stone. Shungite is a very fragile mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of carbon and, as such, is difficult to shape. Therefore, your shungite electrodes will never be perfectly fashioned and ideally smooth; there will always be some small imperfections, random crystalline inclusions, carbon dust etc. None of it, however, matters when efficiency of the electrodes is concerned.

ATTENTION: Shungite remote electrodes are NOT produced by LET Medical, and COSMODIC and ENS devices may require calibration in order to work well with them.

Some of the Common Applications

  • Facelift (muscle stimulation of facial muscles, second chin removal);
  • “Cleopatra’s Necklace”  and “Little Wings” Techniques;
  • Vagus nerve stimulation to battle acute and chronic stress;
  • Treatment of the ears, nose, and throat, of sinus infections and blockages;
  • Lymphatic drainage of the face and neck;
  • Gallbladder drainage;
  • Working on the spine.

Electrode Material

Semi-Spheres remote electrodes are made out of SHUNGITE, a Russian miracle stone.

Shungite is a natural mineral of unusual composition and structure, an ancient rock formation that is said to be 2 billion years old. It is extracted only in the Russian region of Karelia and has unique healing and purifying properties.

“Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates the growth. Amazing rock: it kills and devours anything that harms people and other living beings, and concentrates and restores all that is good. The scholars who have studied shungite in one voice declare, it is a miracle!” From the book by A. Doronina “Shungite – the stone-savior”

Shungite’s healing powers derive from its unique element, fullerene – a globular hollow molecule consisting of several dozens of carbon atoms. Fullerenes, getting in our body, behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidants. When fullerenes were discovered in shungite a few decades ago, it was declared a sensation of the 20th century. The scientists who have made it received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996.

The importance of this discovery is that until that time, scientists were aware only of three modifications of carbon – diamond, graphite, and carbyne. The new molecule showed amazing healing properties. For example, substances from fullerenes could slow down the growth of cancer cells and activity of the AIDS virus. The discovery of the fullerene was a real breakthrough in nanotechnology.

Shungite is:

  • a natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity many folds and suppress the development of many allergic diseases;
  • a sorbent, purifying air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and from an excess of free radicals;
  • a catalyst, which ensures decomposition of organic substances and restoration of the sorption properties;
  • a carrier of a wide range of microelements and biologically active substances;
  • a material actively interacting with electromagnetic fields of harmful nature (anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geopathogenic, biofields) and neutralizing their negative impact;
  • and on top of that, despite the fact that it is a stone, shungite is extremely electro-conductive!

The electro-conductivity of shungite makes it possible to add its healing properties to the healing powers of SKENAR and, especially, COSMODIC. Remote shungite electrodes specifically designed for COSMODIC devices are now being manufactured in Europe with patented proprietary technology.

Here is a video fragment from the HBU LIVE 6-13 event that discusses the shungite electrodes for COSMODIC and ENS devices. The video also shows some ways of using the electrodes.

Q & As

Q: Are shungite electrodes fully compatible with COSMODIC and ENS devices?

A: COSMODIC and, especially, ENS devices present a bit of a challenge to any remote electrode due to the sophistication of the COSMODIC ENS signal that needs to be transmitted with a minimum distortion. Sometimes COSMODIC and ENS devices have to be specifically calibrated in order to function well with shungite electrodes (the “calibration” function is incorporated into all high-end LET Medical devices). The “native” LET Medical silver COSMODIC remote attachments come already pre-calibrated, but the shungite electrodes are not being produced by LET Medical and may require adjustment.

Q: Why are shungite electrodes so expensive?

A: There are several reasons. First of all, because shungite is a rare mineral. Second of all, because it is very fragile and a lot of material is wasted before one electrode is made (see a picture on the left). And third, only the quality shungite is high-priced.

Let us explain the last sentence. The unique qualities of shungite depend on the concentration of fullerenes in it, and this varies quite a bit. The higher the concentration the more “healing” is shungite, the more fragile, and the more expensive. The highest quality shungite is called “elite”, and it is very rare because the natural resources of it are practically depleted.

Keep the above in mind when you are weighing the pros and cons of buying cheaper vs more expensive shungite electrodes. The good deal here may not be the cheap one.

Q: Are there shungite remote electrodes made out of the “elite” shungite?

A: It may be :-). We may soon have the “elite” shungite electrodes, but so far it is just “maybe”. The testing has not been finalized yet.

The problem is that the extremely fragile “elite” shungite cannot even be molded into a standard shape of the shungite electrodes; it falls apart in the process. Therefore, every electrode will have to keep the natural, “as is” shape of a particular piece of stone – and as such, every electrode will be unique.


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