SOLARIS Energy Blanket

SOLARIS Energy Blanket (SOLARIS Health Blanket) – the simplest biofeedback device – an energy mirror and energy shield for the body. Design, features, uses, practical results and success stories.

bounce back

COSMODIC Protocols: BOUNCE BACK When You Feel Off-Balance

Imagine: you wake up in the morning refreshed and full of energy, do your Morning Ritual, enjoy your morning meal, kiss your loved ones and wish everybody a good day hearing the same in return, leave your house with a smile and anticipation of a productive day… and then life intervenes. There will be many…
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Meka with DOVE small

SKENAR in Your Home: All You Need is DOVE (scenar)

DOVE Is All You Need! Deanna is a loving wife and a devoted working mother of two wonderful children – Joel, 18, and Meka, 16. Deanna’s husband Todd is an auto-mechanic, and Jeanne is a customer relations manager in a health business. The family is not rich, but they are all very happy together. Deanna’s…
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