“ENERGY and INFORMATION: Managing the Subtle Matrix of Your Being” Workshop – full recording

Fully edited footage from HB University LIVE 6-16 (June 2016) that studied the Energo-Informational Matrix of a human being: its structure and inner workings, our understanding of its “weakest links” and causes of corruption – and the most efficient ways we found to restore its harmony and smooth functioning, which will be reflected in the better functioning of the physical body (and possibly, in regeneration of its damaged structures).

We also offer you some practical skills to manage your subtle matrix – with SKENAR COSMODIC devices and without them.

2 days on 4 DVDs + all conference PowerPoints and printed materials on CD.

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HBU LIVE 6-16: Energy and Information:
Managing the Subtle Matrix of Your Being

Matrix is an environment providing a blueprint for something else to develop.
It stems from the word “mother”…

There is a growing body of scientific research supporting theological dogma that the human body is, in its essence, a vessel – highly sophisticated and intelligent, but yet, still a vessel where Spirit resides (in the all-enigmatic meaning of this word). What follows is that our core is purely “ethereal”, consisting of energy and informational fields, and it goes even further: energy and information are “morphogenetic”. In other words, the way energy and information are organized in your being, your subtle Energo-Informational Matrix, determine a structure of your physical body.

Energo-informational matrix is multi-leveled. There is a bioenergy system of channels, meridians, chakras etc. that organizes the energy flow in your body – and the energy of your will and intent. There is an informational blueprint of your physical body encoded into your DNA – and the whole different level of the informational matrix of your thoughts, believes, and attitudes.

The truth is, no one actually knows how exactly this complex matrix is organized (many people, including health professionals, even ignore its very existence). Hence, we do not really know how to manage it: how to detect where it is corrupted, determine the ways of correction of imperfections, and implement those corrections.

We do not have all the answers, but we believe we have some – and we share them with you in this program. We are offering you our concept of the Energo-Informational Matrix and its inner workings, our understanding of its “weakest links” and causes of corruption – along with the most efficient ways we found (so far) to restore its harmony and smooth functioning, which, in turn, will be reflected in the better functioning of your physical body (and possibly, even in regenerating its damaged structures). Some of those ways involve COSMODIC.

By definition, COSMODIC work through the Energo-Informational Matrix, but there are some ways of using the energy healing devices to specifically and purposefully influence the Matrix on different levels – and in this program, you are going to learn these ways, protocols, and techniques.

Information on DVDs covers the complete Agenda including:
  • The Subtle Matrix of the Body: Where Science Meets Religion.
  • Overview of the Energy System of the Body and How Various Healing Modalities Approach It.
  • Getting the Mind’s Agreement for Health and Healing – Subconscious Beliefs that Sabotage Health.
  • Simple Everyday Techniques to Tune Up Your Energy Matrix.
  • How To Regulate the Energo-Informational Matrix with the Healing FUSION Technologies (including COSMODIC)
  • Mirror for the Brain: Latest Neurofeedback Technologies.


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