Month: August 2017


COSMODIC Therapy ABC: the Frequency Question

What about COSMODIC Frequencies? © Dr. Irina, March 2006. Posted on OneMedicine newsgroup It just so happens, that once in awhile one particular issue all of a sudden becomes ‘hot’ and you hear people discussing it everywhere. Then interest cools off and you may not face another question on the subject for months, until new…
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Pain Control And Pain Relief

SKENAR Results: Summary of Russian COSMODIC Therapy Experience

Summary of Russian SKENAR Therapy Experience Figures are based on the experience and reports of Russian SKENAR therapy practitioners published in the annual digests SKENAR Therapy and SKENAR Assessment 1997 – 2007. Diseases of the Muscles, Ligaments, and Bones: – Osteoarthritis; gout; sprained, strained, and torn ligaments; torn meniscus; rotator cuff; deformities and contractures of…
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