Month: December 2017

SCENAR COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 front

Latest in COSMODIC: SLIDER x3,”smart” attachments, and more

It’s been very exciting to witness the SKENAR Evolution over the past twenty years – the evolution of the technology as close to the Star Trek Healing Device as it was possible on the rise of the second millennium. For the past several years the COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider manufactured by LET Medical holds the top…
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Benji being treated

COSMODIC for Pets: Benjy Story, or How to Save BIG on Vet Bills

This article is for animal lovers… which most of us are. And how can you NOT love those fuzz balls with big hearts that always tend to be around when you are hurting? They will try to do anything they can to take your pain away – and sure enough, just in a few minutes…
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