Out of our five senses, VISION is the one we care about the most because nearly 90% of the information about our surrounding comes to us through this latest, evolutionary-speaking, channel.

Unfortunately, vision is also one of the most fragile informational channels and easily develops various degenerative disorders, such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration (AMD), retinitis pigmentosa, and the like.

COSMODIC and ENS have proven themselves to be very helpful in slowing down the progression, stopping, and even reversing some of those chronic degenerative disorders of the eye. Just one example HERE – the case of a chronic eye condition that is considered to be incurable in conventional medicine.

Practical Steps to Using COSMODIC for Eye Disorders

Here are some recommendations.

The “Brain Cross” Protocol (CLICK HERE for the full description). We recommend this simple technique to EVERYONE with chronic vision problems. Even though this technique is fairly new, from what we see and hear, it is working quite well. Try it – and let us know what you find.

You will need, of course, a SKENAR, COSMODIC, or ENS device – preferably COSMODIC or ENS, if you are dealing with disorders requiring regeneration – and which chronic disorder doesn’t? Additionally, you will need a pair of small shungite remote electrodes, such as 10-12mm shungite mini-spheres.

Do the Ear-Brain Balancing (CLICK HERE to learn how) followed by putting one of the spheres on the Third Eye point – and the other one on the Base of the Skull, in the Atlas projection. Let COSMODIC run for 2-3 min, switch the shungites around, and let it run for another 2-3 min. That’s all.

These two crossing lines between shungite electrodes address most of the visual channel structures that are usually impossible to reach, such as the visual cortex on the back of the brain, the optic chiasm, and the optic nerves and tracts within the brain. And it’s pretty amazing what happens when you get to those structures…

There are some other things that you can do for your eyes with SKENAR devices or COSMODIC devices, for which the 12-14mm shungite mini-spheres are also very valuable.

“6 Points on the Face”2 min on each point in the classical SKENAR order or, alternatively, work on pairs of point with a pair of shungites, for 2 min on each pair switching the electrodes half-way. If you do not have shungites and do not engage the “Brain Cross” technique, at the end of this step add to the 6 points the Third Eye point.

Additional points (in the same manner):

  • mastoid processes;
  • temples;
  • acupressure points (as shown in the picture on the right);

The mode choice will depend on your model of a SKENAR, COSMODIC, or ENS device, but try to introduce the maximum variety (for example, the COSMODIC mode for EX735 or Sw 1-4 for RITMSCENAR).

All the above recommendations you can apply not only to the diseased eyes, but also for “eye maintenance” and to the eye conditions that are deemed fairly “normal”, but are still unpleasant and complicate your life, such as the age-related “farsightedness”, computer vision syndrome (CVS), and just tired or dry eyes.

Don’t also forget about the “Little Wings” Technique and working on the Collar Zone – these areas relieve stress and improve the cranial blood circulation, which is ultimately responsible for the condition of our eyes.

Just do it. Preserve one of the most wonderful and delicate gifts Mother Nature gave you – your vision.

SKENAR protocols: 3 min Ultimate Stress Relief with DOVE scenar
COSMODIC Therapy: The SKENAR Philosophy by Dr. Yuri

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